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32 Possible Causes for Claustrophobia, Cocaine Abuse, Erectile Dysfunction

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Several studies have found that the prevalence of anxiety disorders varies from 2.5% to 37% in males affected with erectile dysfunction (ED). 7-9 However, these studies failed[] Excessive fear of certain situations or things, such as heights (acrophobia), crowds (agoraphobia), confinement in close quarters (claustrophobia), or spiders (arachnophobia[] Amphetamines, cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy and other substances can cause symptoms of anxiety.[]

  • Stroke

    Read more about treating erectile dysfunction Want to know more?[] Claustrophobia with related discomfiture was a significant problem in the monoplace vessels used in all trials for both arms.[] To test the hypothesis that young adults who abuse amphetamines or cocaine are at a higher risk of stroke.[]

  • Mental Disorder

    John Read and Elizabeth Mati, Erectile Dysfunction and the Internet: Drug Company Manipulation of Public and Professional Opinion, Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 39, 6,[] […] amnesia Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (now part of Autism Spectrum Disorder ) Childhood Onset Fluency Disorder (formerly known as Stuttering ) Circadian Rhythm Disorders Claustrophobia[] Substance Abuse Disorders Millions of Americans abuse alcohol, cigarettes, and cocaine.[]

  • Acute Superior Mesenteric Artery Insufficiency

    dysfunction Foods and beverages may also sometimes be triggers.[] Also limited by its cost, claustrophobia and surgical clips in the abdomen which will interfere with image interpretation. 1.[] The condition is, however, by no means unknown in younger age groups, due to non-cardiovascular causes such as cocaine abuse.[]

  • Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder

    : Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Female Orgasmic Disorder (Inhibited Female Orgasm) Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Male Erectile Disorder Male Orgasmic Disorder (Inhibited[] Anxiety is the main symptom of several conditions, including: panic disorder phobias , such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) social anxiety[] (e.g., alcohol or cocaine) or the side effects of a medication (e.g., steroids).[]

  • Social Phobia

    A 25-year-old man with DSM-IV-TR Axis I social phobia and Axis II avoidant personality disorder and erectile dysfunction, presenting with depression, anxiety and insomnia,[] […] which is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), is the preferred behavioral technique used to treat a social phobia as well as other phobias such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia[] The patient denies suicidal ideations, symptoms of guilt, psychotic symptoms, or crying spells, but has a history of alcoholism and cocaine abuse.[]

  • Chronic Anxiety

    Several studies have found that the prevalence of anxiety disorders varies from 2.5% to 37% in males affected with erectile dysfunction (ED). 7-9 However, these studies failed[] Examples of specific phobias are claustrophobia, a fear of small spaces.[] , and psychostimulant abuse, among others.[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    To report on the treatment of sexual dysfunction for two males with severe TBI. Case one was treated for erectile dysfunction (ED).[] […] regarding potential adverse effects of the therapy, including damage to the ears, sinuses and lungs from the effects of pressure, temporary worsening of short‐sightedness, claustrophobia[] Case 1 describes the interaction of cocaine abuse sensitization in a patient who developed psychosis with a lower dosage of bupropion.[]

  • Severe Depressive Episode

    […] headache) Myoclonus TCAs, MAOIs Clonazepam (Klonopin) Seizures Bupropion, TCAs, amoxapine Assess for other causes; add anticonvulsant drug, if indicated Sexual Arousal, erectile[] […] alcohol/drug dependence, psychotic or bipolar, predominant anxiety or severe personality disorder (all SCID); standard MRI exclusion criteria (eg, metal objects in the body, claustrophobia[] Substance Abuse: The combination of Major Depressive Disorder and substance abuse is common (especially Alcohol and Cocaine).[]

  • Alcoholic Amnestic Disorder

    Men may develop erectile dysfunction and decreased testosterone levels.[] […] mention of panic attacks 300.23 Social phobia Fear of: eating in public public speaking washing in public 300.29 Other isolated or specific phobias Acrophobia Animal phobias Claustrophobia[] Cocaine Abuse.[]

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