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1,984 Possible Causes for Claustrophobia, Dyspareunia, Heat Intolerance

  • Menopause

    MAIN OUTCOMES: Severity of dyspareunia, dryness, sexual function, sexual satisfaction and frequency of sexual intercourse defined the primary outcomes.[] […] night sweats: Hot flashes can strike once a day, or up to 20 times or more, causing intense flashes of heat along with increased heart rate, dizziness, headache and even claustrophobia[] Postmenopausal women with severe intensity of dyspareunia and dryness were eligible to be included in this study. Primary outcomes were dyspareunia and dryness.[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    […] suggest that sexual performance anxiety can contribute to retarded ejaculation. 18,27 Anxiety disorders and pain disorders High levels of anxiety have been found in women with dyspareunia[] Excessive fear of certain situations or things, such as heights (acrophobia), crowds (agoraphobia), confinement in close quarters (claustrophobia), or spiders (arachnophobia[] Anxiety is the main symptom of several conditions, including: panic disorder phobias , such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) social anxiety[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    It is usually described in women as reduced libido, difficulty in achieving orgasms, changes in sensation and vaginal dryness causing dyspareunia.[] HBOT is associated with some risk of adverse effects including damage to the ears, sinuses and lungs from the effects of pressure, temporary worsening of short‐sightedness, claustrophobia[] Weakness, particularly in the lower extremity, balance deficits, fatigue, posture, contractures, sensation deficits, heat intolerance, among other deficits, can impede an[]

  • Endometriosis

    Decreasing dyspareunia and dysmenorrhea in women with endometriosis via a manual physical therapy: Results from two independent studies Journal of Endometriosis 2011; 3(4)[] […] with suspected endometriosis were included, with an exception for those not able to undergo an index test (e.g. virgins or genital tract anomalies for transvaginal imaging, claustrophobia[] Even the common mild forms of endometriosis can strongly affect quality of life due to dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, dyschezia, or subfertility.[]

    Missing: Heat Intolerance
  • Hysterical Neurosis

    […] the legs or arms Back pain Joint pain Neurological: Headaches Dizziness Amnesia Vision changes Paralysis or muscle weakness Urogenital: Pain during urination Low libido Dyspareunia[] ) prison neurosis chronophobia occurring in prisoners having trouble adjusting to a long prison sentence, characterized by feelings of restlessness, panic, anxiety, and claustrophobia[] The childhood animal phobia and fear of the ocean were replaced in the adult neurosis by claustrophobia.[]

    Missing: Heat Intolerance
  • Cervical Cancer

    […] spotting (between periods or after menopause); metrorrhagia (bleeding between normal menstrual periods) or menorrhagia (increased amount and duration of menstrual bleeding); dyspareunia[] Patient claustrophobia is also usually not a factor.[] […] toxicity (oedema, erythema, pigmentation, fibrosis and ulceration) is reported in 20% of patients and gynaecological toxicity (vaginitis, dryness, narrowing, shortening, dyspareunia[]

    Missing: Heat Intolerance
  • Vaginal Tissue Injury

    Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse due to medical or psychological causes.[] Of particular concern are patients who present with middle or inner ear disorders, congenital heart disease, claustrophobia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high fever[] Fast facts about exercise dyspareunia Here are some facts about dyspareunia. More detail is in the main article. Dyspareunia refers to pain during sexual intercourse.[]

    Missing: Heat Intolerance
  • Vaginal Sarcoma

    A 39-year-old woman presented with complaints of dyspareunia, vaginal discomfort and difficulty of micturition for 2 years.[] Also, you have to be placed inside a tube, which is confining and can upset people with claustrophobia (a fear of close spaces). Newer, “open MRI” ma 20 22.[] […] pain Reddish, blackish, and/or whitish patches of discoloration Lumps or growths of various shapes, often wart-like lesions or ulcers Vulvar bleeding or discharge Dysuria, dyspareunia[]

    Missing: Heat Intolerance
  • Anal Fissure

    Just make sure to refuse abdominal CT scan citing concerns over radiation exposure, a risk of allergy to contrast solution, claustrophobia, or any other plausible excuse to[]

    Missing: Heat Intolerance
  • Vulvitis

    […] during a period of 15 years, we report the clinical features and natural history of focal vulvitis, a unique syndrome characterized by severe and persistent superficial dyspareunia[] The presenting symptoms were pruritus, tenderness, superficial dyspareunia and vulvar dysuria.[] RESULTS: Thirty patients (83.3%) complained of symptoms: burning was the most frequent (80.6%) while dyspareunia was the severest.[]

    Missing: Claustrophobia Heat Intolerance

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