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214 Possible Causes for Claustrophobia, Tremor

  • Panic Attacks

    […] are non-addictive tablets which could be prescribed by a GP or psychiatrist), and they work to switch off the bodily feelings of anxiety, such as heart palpitations and tremors[] The fourth and final section offers practical tips and techniques for overcoming 5 common phobias - claustrophobia, social phobia, and the fears of flying, driving, and public[] […] to increase feelings of self-efficacy and confidence, which reduce anxiety in an indirect way. [24] Many physical symptoms of anxiety, such as rapid heart rate and hand tremors[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Her anxiety was manifested by facial twitching, hand fidgeting, vocal tremor, loss of self-esteem, and depression.[] Excessive fear of certain situations or things, such as heights (acrophobia), crowds (agoraphobia), confinement in close quarters (claustrophobia), or spiders (arachnophobia[] A 68-year-old man with generalized anxiety disorder and depressive symptoms presented at the emergency department (ED) with high fever, tremor, muscle rigidity, rhabdomyolysis[]

  • Delirium

    Claustrophobia 4:07 0:30 11. Ultima Ratio 4:08 0:30 12. Live to Tell 5:28 0:30 13. Breakdown 3:16 0:30 14.[] At 11-month follow-up, only mild executive dysfunction and persistent right postural tremor was noted, MRI showed partial regression of subcortical and juxtacortical lesions[] Claustrophobia 11.[]

  • Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder

    Somatic symptoms such as palpitations, tremors, stomach discomfort, dry mouth, etc. are required to detect it.[] Anxiety is the main symptom of several conditions, including: panic disorder phobias , such as agoraphobia or claustrophobia post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) social anxiety[] Acrophobia Animal phobias Claustrophobia Simple phobia Excludes: dysmorphophobia (nondelusional) ( F45.2 ) nosophobia ( F45.2 ) F40.8 Other phobic anxiety disorders F40.9[]

  • Acute Anxiety

    Tremor. Sweating. Hyperventilation (overbreathing) syndrome This is a particular combination of symptoms that affects some people.[] They include generalised anxiety disorders, social phobias, specific phobias (for example, agoraphobia and claustrophobia), panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder[] Shaking (tremor). Sweating. Dry mouth. Chest pain. Headaches. Fast breathing.[]

  • Phobia

    Shaking (tremor). Sweating. Dry mouth. Chest pain. A 'knot in the stomach'. Fast breathing.[] Among the more common examples are acrophobia, fear of high places; claustrophobia, fear of closed places; nyctophobia, fear of the dark; ochlophobia, fear of crowds; xenophobia[] Initial side effects can include sleepiness, blurred vision, constipation, urination difficulties, irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, and tremors.[]

  • Parkinson's Disease Type 3

    Tremor seems to be the most common presenting symptom in PD3 patients.[] A brain CT can be considered in case MRI cannot be (safely) performed, for example in case of an implanted pacemaker or claustrophobia.[] tremor.[]

  • Alcoholic Liver Disease

    Others may seek medical attention because of the effects of alcoholism that may include accidents, violent behavior, depression, tremors, poor work performance or inappropriate[] Due to the fact that the MRI machine is tunnel-like, some people experience claustrophobia, or are not able to remain still during the test and might be administered a sedative[] Assess the patient for disorientation and asterixis (also known as flapping tremor), which are early indicators of HE. 16 (See Assessing for asterixis .)[]

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    The differential diagnosis of patients who experience symptoms of paresthesias, derealization, dizziness, chest pain, tremors, and palpitations can be quite challenging. [[] […] spectrum disorders Cerebral Palsy Cognitive and Behavioral Problems Facioscapulohumeral Hyperhidrosis (sweating disorder) Meningitis Movement disorders Multiple sclerosis and tremors[] Striano , Autosomal dominant cortical tremor, myoclonus and epilepsy: many syndromes, one phenotype , Acta Neurologica Scandinavica , 111 , 4 , (211-217) , (2005) .[]

  • Juvenile Paralysis Agitans of Hunt

    Common types of postural tremor are enhanced physiologic tremor and ET.[] Other natural environment type phobia F40.230 Fear of blood F40.231 Fear of injections and transfusions F40.232 Fear of other medical care F40.233 Fear of injury F40.240 Claustrophobia[] Another disorder in which a resting tremor is one of the main symptoms, accompanied by slowness and poverty of movement, muscular rigidity, and postural instability is Parkinson's[]

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