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175 Possible Causes for clayey, shale

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  • Croton

    The regolith from these soils is principally low-lime glacial till strongly influenced by clayey shale and siltstone.[] The plants tolerate a variety of well-drained soil types, including acidic, alkaline, clayey, loamy and sandy, and have a high tolerance to drought conditions, despite the[] Brinkerton soils formed in medium textured colluvium derived from acid gray shale and siltstone on footslopes of uplands.[]

  • Asclepias

    Habitats include upland sand prairies, hill prairies, cemetery prairies, sandy savannas, open rocky woodlands, shale and sandstone glades (in southern Illinois), abandoned[] Soil Texture: Medium to fine sandy, clayey, or rocky calcareous soils. Also found in well-drained loamy soils.[] Growing Conditions Light Requirement: Sun Soil Moisture: Moist Soil Description: Medium to fine sandy, clayey, or rocky calcareous soils.[]

  • Aquilegia

    Native Introduced Native and Introduced Aquilegia barnebyi oil shale columbine Aquilegia brevistyla smallflower columbine Aquilegia canadensis red columbine Aquilegia chrysantha[] My garden soil is heavy and clayey, yet they perform well.[] Aquilegia atrata W.D.J.Koch 1.5 Aquilegia atrovinosa M.Pop. 1.6 Aquilegia bakralensis hort. 1.7 Aquilegia barnebyi Munz Lengua/País Nombre vulgar Fuente Lengua inglesa oil shale[]

  • Dryopteris

    […] underside of matured pinnae the naked sori can be found (the Latin generic name gymnocarpium means "with naked fruit"). [6] The species grows in coniferous woodlands and on shale[] This fern seems to be very robust, and has survived in my dry-shade-clayey site where other ferns have perished.[]

  • Dirca Palustris

    Mountains & Piedmont Habitat Description: Very rich forests, on slopes or bottomlands, limited to calcareous or mafic rocks such as limestone, calcareous siltstone, calcareous shale[] Tough, adaptable and deer resistant, this milkweed is easy-to-grow and tolerates clayey, sandy or rocky soil.[]

  • Calcium Oxide

    […] minerals such as silica rock, silica sand, powdery quartz and diatomaceous earth; natural alumina-type minerals such as bauxite, bohemite, diaspore, gibbsite, bayerite, alum shale[] The lime is obtained from a calcareous (lime-containing) raw material, and the other oxides are derived from an argillaceous (clayey) material.[] Further classification is by composition as high calcium, argillaceous (clayey), silicious , conglomerate , magnesian , dolomite , and other limestones . [3] Uncommon sources[]

  • Sclerema Neonatorum

    […] to take notice of a peculiar tightness and hardness of the skin over almost the whole body, that sometimes attends that kind of purging when the stools are of a waxey or clayey[]

    Missing: shale
  • Traffic Accident

    OBJECTIVES: We examined the association between shale gas drilling and motor vehicle accident rates in Pennsylvania.[] CONCLUSIONS: Vehicle accidents have measurably increased in conjunction with shale gas drilling. Copyright 2014. Published by Elsevier Ltd.[] METHODS: Using publicly available data on all reported vehicle crashes in Pennsylvania, we compared accident rates in counties with and without shale gas drilling, in periods[]

    Missing: clayey
  • Berylliosis

    […] occur in other pneumoconioses, such as talcosis, berylliosis (CBD), kaolin pneumoconiosis, and pneumoconiosis from carbon compounds, such as carbon black, graphite, and oil shale[]

    Missing: clayey
  • Fracture

    In some shale reservoirs, natural fractures improve production by enhancing effective permeability .[] Symphonic in form, euphoric in heart, this volume brings together a great, sometimes-desperate chorus that ought to be heard world-over, wherever there is oil and gas-rich shale[] [Shale Gas, Well Completions] To perform a stimulation treatment, which is routine for oil and gas wells in low- permeability reservoirs.[]

    Missing: clayey

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