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130 Possible Causes for Clenched Hands, Congenital Heart Disease, Nail Abnormality

  • Trisomy 18

    At least 30% of affected fetuses have abnormal extremities (unilateral or bilateral), the most frequent one being clenched hand and radial aplasia.[] Other common disorders included the single palmar crease (42%) and hypoplastic nails (36%). Radial abnormalities were found in 11 patients (22%).[] A prenatal diagnosis of ductal-dependent, complex congenital heart disease was made in a fetus with trisomy 18.[]

  • Patau Syndrome

    Symptoms of the Disease are Extra fingers, decreased muscle tone, clenched hands, small eyes, small head, scalp defects etc.[] […] hyperconvex) nails.[] Most infants with trisomy 13 have congenital heart disease.[]

  • Ellis-Van Creveld Syndrome

    Limitation of hand function, such as the inability to form a clenched fist, is frequently observed.[] Our patient had all the major characteristic features consistent with Ellis-van Creveld syndrome including post-axial polydactyly, teeth and nail abnormalities, congenital[] In 1940 Ellis and van Creveld (2) described 2 more patients with similar congenital anomalies who, in addition, had congenital heart disease.[]

  • Trisomy 9

    hands with thumb adduction and ulnar deviation.[] Soft-tissue - clinodactyly, camptodactyly, syndactyly, dystrophic nails.[] A distinct trisomy 9 syndrome can be recognised with intrauterine growth retardation, short survival, consistent facial dysmorphism, congenital heart disease, and abnormalities[]

  • Partial Trisomy 13 in Patau Syndrome

    heart disease, blindness, severe mental retardation may complicate survival Please rate topic.[] hand with finger overlap, rocker bottom feet, micrognathia, low set ears Image depicting classic appearance of clenched hand with overlapping 2nd and 5th fingers in a newborn[] […] hyperconvex) nails.[]

  • Apert Syndrome

    Other abnormalities includes central nervous system anomalies, congenital heart diseases, cleft palate, and urogenital diseases.[] Second-trimester molecular prenatal diagnosis of sporadic Apert syndrome following sonographic findings of mild ventriculomegaly and clenched hands mimicking trisomy 18.[] […] phalanx Brachydactyly The nails are contiguous (synonchia) Some people possess subacromial dimples In severe cases, the mobility of the shoulder joint is further limited[]

  • Atrioventricular Septal Defect

    heart disease.[] hands Trisomy 21 21 AVSD Single AV valve Choroid plexus cyst Enlarged nuchal fold Hydronephrosis Trisomy 21 19 AVSD Ventriculomegaly Corpus callosum agenesis Hydrops fetalis[] ) Difficulty breathing Poor weight gain and growth Heart murmur: the heart sounds abnormal when a doctor listens with a stethoscope Partial atrioventricular canal defects[]

  • Disproportionate Short Stature - Ptosis - Valvular Heart Lesions

    Pneumothorax Hand clenching Broad columella Biventricular hypertrophy Poroma Hypoplastic heart Heterogeneous Alopecia Decreased adipose tissue around neck Retrognathia Abnormality[] Diagnosis and Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease, by Drs.[] Speaking 2-word sentences at 31 months Cutaneous abnormalities Keratosis pilaris atrophicansfaciei, Hyperelastic skin, Dystrophic nails Other Predisposition to myeloproliferative[]

  • Thumb Deformity - Alopecia - Pigmentation Anomaly Syndrome

    hands, absent radius, webbed 2nd/3rd toes, rocker-bottom feet 50% die in first week of life Only 8% survive beyond 1 yo 1 in 733 (doesn't account for spontaneous abortion[] Nail abnormalities are problems with the color, shape, texture, or thickness of the fingernails or toenails.[] THE familial transmission of congenital heart disease and upper-extremity deformities was first reported by Holt and Oram 1 in 1960.[]

  • Facioauriculoradial Dysplasia

    hands with overlapping fingers, congenital heart disease, renal anomalies VACTERL association 192350 Sporadic Nonrandom association of anomalies, including vertebral anomalies[] […] of the metaphysis Thin skin Waddling gait Arnold-Chiari malformation Laryngomalacia Selective tooth agenesis Narrow mouth Nail dysplasia Limitation of joint mobility Flat[] […] brain defects, inborn errors of metabolism, and congenital heart disease.[]

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