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77 Possible Causes for Cloudy Urine, Hypertension, Night Sweats

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    […] timely diagnosis of pediatric UTI can prevent short-term complications, such as severe pyelonephritis or sepsis, and long-term sequelae including scarring of the kidneys, hypertension[] The highest PPV belonged to the cloudy urine (0.71, 95% CI: 0.42-0.92). The combination of cloudy and foul smelling urine increased the PPV to 78% (95% CI: (0.40-0.97).[] Warning signs for a kidney infection include flank or lower back pain, high fever (101 F or above), nausea or vomiting, mental status changes, chills, or night sweats.[]

  • Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

    Malignant hypertension is the clinical syndrome of severe elevations in blood pressure and funduscopic hypertensive retinopathy, including bilateral flame-shaped hemorrhage[] A urinalysis showed cloudy urine positive for protein and blood.[] The patient also reported paresthesia in his hands and feet bilaterally but otherwise denied chest pain, fever, chills, night sweats, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    Author information 1 Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, University of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.[] On the sixteenth, urine thin, had a cloudy eneorema, was delirious.[] Other symptoms include the following: fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, and night sweats .[]

  • Renal Abscess

    Renal scarring may lead to hypertension, renal insufficiency and potential failure.[] urine (hematuria) -Passing cloudy or strong-smelling urine -Discomfort in the pelvic area -A feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen -Low-grade fever How is the DX of Renal[] You may have a UTI if you notice Pain or burning when you urinate Fever, tiredness, or shakiness An urge to urinate often Pressure in your lower belly Urine that smells bad[]

  • Acromegaly

    Increased mortality has been related to cardiovascular events that could be linked to these hormones and patients suffer from high rates of diabetes and hypertension.[] Night sweats persisted, and the patient was re-evaluated for other potential etiologies.[] urine cough difficult, burning, or painful urination disturbed color perception double vision frequent urge to urinate frequent urination usually with very small amounts[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Prevalence of hypertension and DM were 55.9% and 23.3% respectively.[] Sweating. You may wake up with a headache in the morning if your blood sugar was low during the night.[] Some people with autonomic neuropathy have excessive sweating, particularly at night or while eating.[]

  • Nephrolithiasis

    […] management and primary prevention of hypertension in nephrolithiasis patients.[] Blood in the urine . Dark, cloudy and/or foamy urine . Intense nausea with/without vomiting . Pain or burning when urinating . Frequent urination .[] This may result in the absorption of septic material; the patient may have hectic fever, with night sweats, or there may be urinary suppression from sepsis.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    Diseases and Conditions Anemia or Iron Deficiency Arthritis and Bone Arthritis Osteoporosis Cancer Cardiovascular Cerebrovascular Disease or Stroke Cholesterol Heart Disease Hypertension[] Side effects may include lower back or side pain, shortness of breath, tightness in your chest, and bloody or cloudy urine. Zoledronic acid.[] JD is a 58-year-old postmenopausal woman having symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats.[]

  • Pericholecystic Abscess

    Get fresh perspectives from nearly 200 updated or new cases reflecting the most recent changes in vascular and interventional radiology, including portal hypertension, aortic[] Laboratory data revealed a normal white blood cell count of 10.9 and cloudy urine positive for leukocyte esterase and WBC 50.[] Infant 585 715 The Term Infant 587 716 Congenital Infection 588 717 Acquired Infection 589 718 Nonaccidental Injury 590 719 Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis 592 7110 Hypertensive[]

  • Allergic Interstitial Nephritis

    Highlights include completely updated information on the role of the kidney in hypertension, afferent and efferent mechanisms of renal sodium retention, and delineation of[] These symptoms may include: Enlarged kidneys Bloody or cloudy urine Fever Rash Fatigue or unusual sleepiness Abdominal pain Increased or decreased urine output Swelling in[] The patient complained of chills and night sweats, but denied having any fever or arthralgia. His appetite was fair.[]

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