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1,784 Possible Causes for Clumsiness, Muscle Weakness

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Occasionally, however, females who carry a DMD gene mutation may have muscle weakness and cramping.[] DMD typically appears between the ages of two with weakness in the pelvis and upper limbs, resulting in clumsiness, frequent falling, an unusual gait and general weakness.[] Additional early signs and symptoms include: Developmental delay Muscle weakness Clumsiness Waddling gait Difficulty or inability to perform activities such as climbing stairs[]

  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    […] of the muscle weakness.[] Patients with leg weakness show clumsy gait, tripping on uneven ground, and difficulty standing still, in stepping onto a curb, in going up or down stairs or on arising from[] My gait got clumsy and I was falling frequently. My feet felt like they were on fire, the pain was excruciating. Over time, I lost over 50 pounds.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    Compression of the cervical spinal cord, caused by glycosaminoglycan infiltration of the dura, may lead to spastic paresis if not corrected by neurosurgical intervention.[] […] children who have Hunter syndrome but may be underdiagnosed, for patients’ cognitive impairment often prevents them from accurately describing their symptoms. 17,25 Manual clumsiness[] Nursing Diagnosis - Self care deficit related to inability to carryout ADLS / tremors - Impaired physical mobility related to weakness of bones and muscles - Risk for injury[]

  • Niemann-Pick Disease Type C

    Cataplexy is the sudden muscle weakness brought on by strong emotions, particularly joking, laughter, or anger.[] One of the twins presented with a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder and slowly progressive inferior limb clumsiness, dysphagia and dysarthria.[] It is characterized clinically by a variety of progressive, disabling neurological symptoms including clumsiness, limb and gait ataxia, dysarthria, dysphagia and cognitive[]

  • Alpha-Mannosidosis

    Symptoms of the moderate form of alpha-mannosidosis include: coarse facial features hypotonia skeletal abnormalities mental retardation progressive muscle weakness hearing[] Mental and motor development is delayed, but in this context, the progressive course of AM has to be considered: Affected children often appear clumsy, and milestones in speech[] Associated motor function disturbances The development of motor functions in affected patients is generally slow, and the children appear clumsy.[]

  • Primary Lateral Sclerosis

    Symptoms may include: Muscle weakness and spasms beginning in the legs and progressing to the trunk, arms and eventually the face Difficulty in walking and maintaining balance[] This loss causes movement problems, such as slow movements, balance problems and clumsiness.[] Unilateral limb slowness or clumsiness was the initial complaint in four, and bulbar symptoms in one.[]

  • Motor Neuron Disease

    Onset was in the second to fourth decade with finger extension weakness, progressing to other distal and sometimes more proximal muscles.[] The patient had noted clumsiness and weakness in all extremities 5 years before presentation of abnormal eye movements.[] Generally, symptoms consist of stiffness, clumsiness, and awkward movements, usually affecting first the mouth, throat, or both, then spreading to the limbs.[]

  • Narcolepsy-Cataplexy Syndrome

    A 20-year-old male presented with a 12-year history of excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden muscle weakness caused by laughter and disturbed nocturnal sleep.[] A subjective sense of clumsiness, slurred speech, weakness, and muscle twitches are reported prior to the attack.[] Without much warning, the person loses muscle tone and can have a slack jaw, broken speech, buckled knees or total weakness in their face, arms, legs, and trunk.[]

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    It causes progressive weakness in muscles of the face, arms, legs, and around the shoulders and chest.[] Initial symptoms: Progressive weakening of muscles Enlargement of muscles as they weaken Muscle cramping Clumsiness Frequent falling and difficulty getting up Later symptoms[] When to see a doctor Seek medical advice if you notice signs of muscle weakness — such as increased clumsiness and falling — in yourself or your child.[]

  • Niemann-Pick Disease

    Symptoms include: Severe muscle weakness Poor muscle tone Lack of growth and weight gain in infants An enlarged heart, liver, or tongue Tay-Sachs disease: This is caused by[] Niemann-Pick care at Mayo Clinic Symptoms Niemann-Pick signs and symptoms may include: Clumsiness and difficulty walking Excessive muscle contractions (dystonia) or eye movements[] […] after) birth An enlarged spleen and/or liver (hepatosplenamegaly) Difficulty with upward and downward eye movements (Vertical Supranuclear Gaze Palsy) Unsteadiness of gait, clumsiness[]

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