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559 Possible Causes for Cluster Headache

  • Migraine

    The term cluster headache should be used carefully as sometimes people will refer to their headaches as “cluster headaches” because they have headaches that occur in “clusters[] Symptoms of Cluster Headache Cluster headache consists of severe headaches on one side of the head.[] Cluster Headaches Cluster headaches primarily affect men between twenty and forty years old.[]

  • Blepharitis

    BACKGROUND: Blepharitis is an ocular surface disease and chronic ophthalmic condition. This paper reports on the development of psychometric evaluation of a patient-reported measure of blepharitis symptoms. METHODS: Self-reports of 13 blepharitis symptoms collected in a Phase 3 multi-site, randomized, double-masked,[…][]

  • Cluster Headache

    Some patients have chronic cluster headache without remission periods.[] Cluster headaches do not permanently damage the brain. The exact cause of cluster headache is not known.[] Most patients (79%) had episodic cluster headache, which was largely the same clinically as chronic cluster headache except for the persistence of attacks over time.[]

  • Abdominal Migraine

    - The Baiscs Chronic Daily Headache - The Basics Cluster Headaches - The Basics Hemicrania Continua - The Basics Hemiplegic Migraine - The Basics Hypnic Headaches - The Basics[] The food-sensitive migraine patient and cluster headache patient must give a good history and food diary to go along with active challenges and provocative testing in order[] […] gets worse you have a bad throbbing pain at the front or side of your head – this could be a migraine or, more rarely, a cluster headache you feel sick, vomit and find light[]

  • Ethanol

    The content of several phenolic acids and flavonoids in aqueous extract (AE) and ethanol extract (EE) of daylily flower (Hemerocallis fulva L.) was analyzed. The effects of AE or EE at 0.5%, 1%, or 2% in HUVE cells against high glucose-induced cell death, oxidative, and inflammatory damage were examined. Results[…][]

  • Horner's Syndrome

    Diagnosis : Horner's Syndrome with Cluster Headache (Horton’s headache) EPIDEMIOLOGY Depends on the cause of the Horner’s Syndrome Regarding Cluster Headache: Male-to-Female[] Cluster headache often features transient horner’s syndrome during the attack. Men are affected 6 times more than women.[] In the absence of other positive findings on exam/MRI/MRA, and with a classic picture of cluster headache by history, the diagnosis was Horner’s syndrome due to cluster HA[]

  • Temporal Arteritis

    Abstract Temporal arteritis, also termed giant cell arteritis, is one of the vasculitides affecting large and medium sized cranial arteries, particularly of the carotid tree. Clinical manifestations may vary from the classic constellation of temporal headache in the elderly accompanied by constitutional signs, jaw[…][]

  • Anisocoria

    Abstract Fifty-three patients with cluster headache, mean age 42.6 years, were examined by means of pupillometry.[] Other conditions that cause anisocoria include migraines and cluster headaches, trauma, ocular inflammation (either previous or current), multiple sclerosis, ischemic optic[] Anisocoria also may be present in a cluster headache with lacrimation and rhinorrhea. Other rare forms of a headache also may invoke anisocoria.[]

  • Chronic Daily Headaches

    Cluster headaches See separate Cluster Headache article. Cluster headaches are characterised by attacks of severe unilateral pain in a trigeminal distribution.[] Cluster headache See separate article Cluster Headache. Medication-overuse headache See separate article Medication-overuse Headache and Headache Triggers.[] Similar results have been obtained for chronic tension-type headache and cluster headache.[]

  • Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia

    Several differences between Sluder's neuralgia and cluster headache became evident. Based on described symptoms, new criteria for Sluder's neuralgia could be formulated.[] Cluster headache A patient with a first attack of cluster headache is now simply classified as cluster headache (3.1).[] Cluster Headache , cluster headache (diagnosis) , cluster headache , Cluster headache syndrome, unspecified , Cluster headaches , Headaches cluster , Headache histamine ,[]

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