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64 Possible Causes for Coagulation Factor Disorder, Epistaxis, Lactate Dehydrogenase Increased

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    Plasma exchange only improved lactate dehydrogenase levels. We clinically diagnosed this case as atypical HUS and started eculizumab treatment.[] […] bilateral periorbital oedema and tense orbits in keeping with orbital compartment syndrome (OCS) shortly after presenting to the emergency department for uncontrollable epistaxis[] coagulation factors.[]

  • Macronodular Cirrhosis

    Epistaxis. Gynacomastia (in men). Xanthelasma/xanthoma. Dupuytren's contracture. Clubbing. Dilated chest/abdominal wall veins (caput medusae). Scratch marks.[] Prothrombin time (PT) is elevated due to coagulation factor defects as well as bilirubin, while albumin is low as it is synthesized by the liver and the liver's functional[] Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), 5'- nucleotidase, and gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) are elevated in cholestatic disorders.[]

  • Alcoholic Liver Disease

    disorders (due to impaired production of coagulation factors), ascites (heavy abdominal swelling due to buildup of fluids in the tissues) and other complications, including[] […] complications of cirrhosis or liver failure include portal hypertension (high blood pressure in the portal vein due to the increased flow resistance through the damaged liver), coagulation[]

  • Acute Monocytic Leukemia

    The symptoms include general weakness, increased infections and episodes of bleeding, especially from the gums and epistaxis.[] 慢性骨髄増殖性疾患 coagulation factor凝固因子 complete remission (CR)完全寛解 concentrated red cells濃厚赤血球 consolidation therapy地固め療法 cord blood stem cell transplantation (CBT)臍帯血移植 d dendritic[] […] marker細胞表面マーカー chronic graft versus host disease (chronic GVHD)慢性移植片対宿主病 chronic lymphocytic leukemia慢性リンパ性白血病 chronic myelocytic leukemia 慢性骨髄性白血病 chronic myeloproliferative disorders[]

  • Ebola Virus Disease

    On May 6, she experienced intense fatigue and epistaxis.[] […] that induces the development of coagulation irregularities seen in EBOV infections DIC is not a primary disorder but is a complication of an underlying disease, usually an[] Haemorrhagic symptoms may begin 4 - 5 days after onset, including hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, bleeding gums, oral/lip ulceration, hematemesis, melena, hematuria, epistaxis[]

  • Hereditary Deficiency of Clotting Factors

    […] blood lactate dehydrogenase.[] Common clinical signs include epistaxis, menorrhagia, oral cavity bleedings, mucosal bleeding, soft tissue bleeding, hemarthroses, easy bruising, and prolonged bleeding after[] A very rare autosomal recessive inherited blood coagulation disorder characterized by deficiency of factor v, resulting in bleeding.[]

  • Thrombocytopenia

    dehydrogenase and creatine kinase levels, increased serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, and C-reactive protein (CRP), hyponatremia, and prolonged activated partial thromboplastin[] It presents in infancy or in neonates (in severe cases) with patients bruising easily along with further manifestations of thrombocytopenia including epistaxis, petechiae,[] […] rates exceed 20 percent; prognosis is based on treating the underlying disorder Drug-induced thrombocytopenia Moderate to severe Can range from asymptomatic to evidence of[]

  • Hereditary Factor XIIIA Deficiency

    […] blood lactate dehydrogenase.[] Clinical features included excessive bleeding from umbilical stump, bruising, post-traumatic bleeding, epistaxis, melaena and intracerebral bleeding.[] Prophylaxis in rare coagulation disordersfactor XIII deficiency. Thromb Res. 2006;118:S23-S28. Gregory TF, Cooper B.[]

  • Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia

    Laboratory abnormalities Anemia Increased lactate dehydrogenase. Increased indirect bilirubin. Decreased haptoglobin. Increased urine urobilinogen.[] A case of Brucella septicemia presenting at the onset as a severe microangiopathic hemolytic anemia with coexisting dramatic hemorrhagic syndrome (severe epistaxis, gross[] […] extensive burn, brain injury Other: Obstetric disorders; snakebite; vascular disorders; hemolysis Pathogenesis Tissue factor or bacterial toxin activates coagulation cascade[]

  • Hemothorax

    In this report we present a case of a 39 year-old woman with recurrent epistaxis and family history of HHT who presented with right spontaneous hemothorax.[] Available from: Introduction Hemophilia A is an X-linked autosomal recessive disorder of coagulation presenting with deficiency of Factor VIII.[] Hemophilia A Hemophilia A is a life-threatening hemorrhagic disorder caused by the development of an inhibitor against coagulation factor VIII (FVIII).[]

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