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14 Possible Causes for Coarse Face, Conical-Shaped Teeth, No Tooth Problem

  • Incontinentia Pigmenti Achromians

    Abnormalities are varied and include delayed dentition, extra or (more commonly) missing teeth, and conical or pegged-shaped teeth.[] problems Ultraviolet light ( Wood lamp ) examination of the skin lesions may help confirm the diagnosis.[] problems Exams and Tests Ultraviolet light ( Wood lamp ) examination of the skin lesions may help confirm the diagnosis.[]

  • Hypotrichosis 7

    The teeth may be absent or few in number, and characteristically the canines and incisors are conical shaped.[] The reported patients showed hypohidrosis confined to the face, coarse hair, dry skin, milia, and follicular atrophoderma.[] Congenital hypotrichosis and milia Patients with congenital hypotrichosis and milia present with coarse sparse hair and multiple milia on the face, chest, axillae and pubic[]

  • Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction - Patent Ductus Arteriosus - Natal Teeth

    Natal teeth are described as conical or normal in size and shape, yellowish, with hypoplastic enamel and dentin, and poor or absent root development37,100,123.[] * Cloverleaf skull micromelia thoracic dysplasia * Cluttering * CMV antenatal infection * COACH syndrome * Coal worker's pneumoconiosis * Coarctation of aorta dominant * Coarse[] Natal teeth are described as conical or normal in As far as environmental factors are concerned, some environmental toxins are considered to be size and shape, yellowish,[]

  • Brachydactyly

    The teeth are malformed with some conically shaped and widely spaced.[] Apart from BDE, other features were seen in these patients (Additional file 1 : Table S6): most but not all had short stature [ 76, 82 ], tooth problems were reported by Klopocki[] , mild blepharophimosis, upslanted palpebral fissures, abundant eyebrows and eyelashes, thick and abundant hair and coarse voice; and radiologically by brachymetacarpalia,[]

  • Mohr Syndrome

    , while in the anterior teeth a conically shaped extension of the cingulum is observed. [2], [5] Talon cusp is an accessary cusp like structure projecting from cingulum area[] […] that are identified by flaws as well as imperfections in the growth of the framework of the dental tooth cavity consisting of the mouth, tongue, teeth, as well as mandible[] (b and c) fl at face, hypoplasia of the malar bones, micrognathia.[]

  • SHORT Syndrome

    The primary teeth show normal shape, size, pulp chamber, resorption pattern, enamel, and dentin translucency.[] Due to the small size of the mouth in some girls with Turner syndrome, regular dental checks are advised to manage problems with tooth abnormalities.[] Facial features may appear coarse, but appear sharper with age. The face may appear droopy and expressionless.[]

  • Dermo-Odonto Dysplasia

    Oral symptoms of ED include multiple tooth abnormalities (such as hypodontia, anadontia, impacted teeth, and peg-shaped or conical anterior teeth) and lack of normal alveolar[] An important gene associated with Dermoodontodysplasia is ECTD8 (Ectodermal Dysplasia 8, Hair/Tooth/Nail Type).[] Supernumerary nipples are found in several multiple congenital anomaly syndromes, including Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome (pre- and postnatal overgrowth, coarse faces, embryonal[]

  • Trichodental Syndrome

    Possible teeth abnormalities include congenitally missing teeth, conically shaped teeth, and small teeth (microdontia).[] […] structure, and esthetic problems.[] Face Mental Retardation, Microcephaly, Growth Retardation, Joint Contractures, and Facial Dysmorphism Mental Retardation, Short Stature, Facial Anomalies, and Joint Dislocations[]

  • Odontomicronychial Dysplasia

    Hypodontia and nail dysgenesis: Is characterized by the presence of few teeth which are conical and widely shaped. Nails are small, dystrophic/spoon shaped.33-36 5.[] Ectodermal dys- These conditions being rare may be the first evidence of a plasia can be classified mainly as:28 (1) hair defect, (2) tooth much more severe problem in the[] Face Mental Retardation, Short Stature, Facial Anomalies, and Joint Dislocations Metaphyseal Dysplasia with Maxillary Hypoplasia and Brachydactyly Metaphyseal Dysplasia with[]

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia with Natal Teeth Type Turnpenny

    Teeth may be widely spaced and conical or peg shaped (figs 5 and 9). There are some reports of congenitally absent deciduous teeth which may also be conical (fig 3).[] Synopsis: INHERITANCE: Isolated cases GROWTH: [Height]; Postnatal short stature; [Other]; Failure to thrive HEAD AND NECK: [Head]; Macrocephaly, relative; Dolichocephaly; [Face[] Anal atresia Conical incisor Abnormal facial shape Short philtrum Abnormality of the alveolar ridges Cone-shaped epiphyses of phalanges 2 to 5 Congenital megaureter Acetabular[]