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287 Possible Causes for Coarse Facial Features, Coarseness of the Skin

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    facial features, developmental delay, and an elevated quantitative urine glycosaminoglycan (GAG) level.[] Non-specific cutaneous changes that can be seen in all mucopolysaccharidoses are thickened skin with a loss of elasticity on elbows and knees, rough hair and hypertrichosis[] The patient had severe infantile global neurodevelopmental delays, macrocephaly with a prominent forehead, coarse facial features with clear corneas, chronic congestion with[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    Other symptoms may include carpal tunnel syndrome, coarse facial features, deafness, hairy body (hypertrichosis), joint stiffness, and a large head (macrocephaly).[] skin.[] There are some obvious physical signs of Hunter syndrome, such as coarse facial features and an enlarged liver and spleen, as well as some less noticeable symptoms. 2 Symptoms[]

  • Acromegaly

    A 30-year-old Filipino man presented with a 11-year history of coarse facial features and progressive enlargement of hands and feet.[] Symptoms may include: swelling of the hands and feet facial features become coarse as bones grow body hair becomes coarse as the skin thickens and/or darkens increased perspiration[] This leads to coarse facial features, soft tissue swelling (including the tongue), enlargement of the hands and feet, respiratory problems, hypertension, diabetes mellitus[]

  • Fucosidosis

    Fucosidosis is a rare autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease with the main clinical findings of progressive neuromotor deterioration, seizures, coarse facial features[] It causes mental retardation, neurological deterioration, coarse facial features, thickened skin, and hepatosplenomegaly.[] facial features, growth retardation, and recurrent sinopulmonary infections, as well as seizures, visceromegaly, angiokeratoma and dysostosis.[]

  • Congenital Hypothyroidism

    The symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism may include the following: Puffy face Coarse facial features Dull look Thick protruding tongue Poor feeding Choking episodes Constipation[] , cool, or mottled coarse skin—see Hypothyroidism : Symptoms and Signs ).[] Two infants who have coarse facial features and growth and developmental delay. Pediatrics in Review, 24 , 16–21.[]

  • Juvenile Myxedema

    Weight gain with poor appetite Dyspnea Hoarse voice Menorrhagia (later oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea) Paresthesia Impaired hearing Difficulty concentrating and poor memory Dry coarse[] […] dry, scaly skin fatigue, or feeling sluggish hair loss increased menstrual flow (women) irritability muscle cramps slower heart rate weakness weight gain It is important[] The voice is coarse and low-pitched. There is hair loss and the hair is brittle and dry. The skin is also scaly and dry. The nails are thick and brittle.[]

  • Sporadic Goitrous Cretinism

    Affected children have a large head, short limbs, puffy eyes, coarse hair, a round abdomen, a thick and protruding tongue with drooling, excessively dry skin, lack of coordination[] Symptoms and Signs : All degrees of dwarfism may be seen, with delayed skeletal maturation, apathy, physical and mental torpor, dry skin with coarse, dry, brittle hair, constipation[] […] is dry and coarse. h) Metabolism is decreased. i) Genitalia are ill developed. j) In endemic cretin a goitre is commonly seen.[]

  • Launois Syndrome

    A 57-year-old female showed bulky, loose tumors, which progressively spread to her arms, anterior chest, and back. She reported dysphagia and dyspnea after mild exertion. She denied alcohol consumption. CT scan of her chest showed no internal lesions. Benign symmetric lipomatosis is a rare syndrome, clinically[…][]

  • Costello Syndrome

    Costello syndrome (CS) is a multisystem congenital disorder characterized by coarse facial features, cardiac defects, intellectual disability, and predisposition to malignancies[] Costello syndrome is a multiple congenital anomaly and mental retardation syndrome characterized by coarse face, loose skin, cardiomyopathy and predisposition to tumors.[] facial features and skeletal and cardiac abnormalities.[]

  • Winchester Syndrome

    facial features, though there is variability within the clinical features.[] skin, hypertrichosis and gingival hypertrophy.[] Affiliated tissues include bone , skin and testes , and related phenotypes are gingival overgrowth and coarse facial features OMIM : 57 Winchester syndrome presents with severe[]

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