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103 Possible Causes for Coarse Facial Features, Increased Sweating

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Examples include: Metronidazole : provokes unpleasant symptoms including flushing, palpitations, sweating, dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting Sedating antihistamines[] : increased drowsiness and dizziness, impaired driving Tricyclic antidepressants : increased drowsiness and dizziness, impaired driving See smartphone apps to check your[]

  • Third Trimester Pregnancy

    PURPOSE: To review the effect of non-gynecologic laparoscopic procedures performed during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy on pregnancy outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A review of the patient log for the antenatal obstetrical unit was used to identify the patients in this series from January 1,[…][]

  • Fabry Disease

    The number and size of these lesions progressively increase with age.[] Often patients have slight builds with characteristic coarse facial features and delayed puberty.[] The patient is 10 years old and presents severe mental handicap, coarse face, hepatosplenomeagly, dysostosis multiplex, joint contractures, obstructive airway disease, mitral[]

  • Fucosidosis

    […] in sweat sodium chloride.[] Fucosidosis is a rare autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease with the main clinical findings of progressive neuromotor deterioration, seizures, coarse facial features[] facial features, growth retardation, and recurrent sinopulmonary infections, as well as seizures, visceromegaly, angiokeratoma and dysostosis.[]

  • Acromegaly

    […] between teeth -, large hands and feet, increased sweating, in addition to a variety of systemic effects that affect blood pressure, blood fats and carbohydrate metabolism[] A 30-year-old Filipino man presented with a 11-year history of coarse facial features and progressive enlargement of hands and feet.[] This leads to coarse facial features, soft tissue swelling (including the tongue), enlargement of the hands and feet, respiratory problems, hypertension, diabetes mellitus[]

  • Launois Syndrome

    Furthermore, there is a growth of feet and hands, excessive sweating, increased body odor, arthropathy, joint stiffness and pain, and osteoarthritis-like features.[]

  • Vasomotor Instability

    sweating.[] […] skin, inflammatory nodules, or gross enlargement of facial features. 11 Such chronic changes do not occur in children as they do in adults, presumably because the disease[] Presentation Hot flushes and night sweats substantially increase in frequency and severity during the menopausal transition and are most common in the first year following[]

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria

    , may see tachycardia, high blood pressure, sweating, restlessness and tremor), neuropsychiatric symptoms ( anxiety, agitation, hallucination, hysteria, delirium, depression[] He had coarse facial features with a long philtrum and protruding tongue, bilateral capsular cataracts, right palpebral ptosis, dorsal kyphosis, and coarse wiry hair.[] […] starting in upper extremities which can progress to include respiratory impairment and death), autonomic nervous system involvement (circulating catecholamine levels are increased[]

  • Juvenile Myxedema

    Additional symptoms include unintended weight loss, muscle weakness, an abnormal intolerance to heat, increased sweating, a rapid, irregular heartbeat (tachycardia) and fatigue[] sweating.[] There may be increased toxicity in those with pre-existing heart disease.[]

  • Neuroblastoma

    […] body hair, and sweating. [3] Cause [ edit ] There are no known risk factors for ganglioneuromas.[] coarse facial features, developmental delay, and an elevated quantitative urine glycosaminoglycan (GAG) level.[] The symptoms can include the following: fever, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, rubor (reddening/flushing) of the skin, clubbing of the fingers or[]

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