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13 Possible Causes for Cognitive Defect, Confabulation, Paranoid Personality Disorder

  • Dementia

    Mood swings Poor judgment Paranoia or suspiciousness Some of the intermediate signs and symptoms of dementia include Worsening of early dementia symptoms Abnormal moods Confabulation[] In advanced AD pathology, synaptic dysfunction is another structural defect associated with a decline in memory ( 35 Terry RD.[] […] of falls and accidents due to poor judgment and confusion Behavior disorders: Paranoid delusions, aggressiveness, agitation, inappropriate sexual behavior Hallucinations Confabulation[]

  • Pellagra

    Korsakoff's psychosis involves a loss of memory of the immediate past and often elaborate confabulation which tends to conceal the amnesia.[]

  • Alcoholic Amnestic Disorder

    […] associated with organic brain syndromes (310.0-310.9) 301.0 Paranoid personality disorder Fanatic personality Paranoid personality (disorder) Paranoid traits Excludes: acute[] Confabulation, a common occurrence in amnestic disorders, is also seen in this disorder.[] Memory disturbance ( amnestic disorder or amnesia ), another example of a circumscribed cognitive defect, is discussed in this chapter.[]

  • Organic Brain Syndrome

    Classically; the memory hiatus is filled by fanfasy memories ― confabulation‖ CAUSES: A.Thiamine deficiency---- alcoholism , hyperemesis gravidarum B.Wernickes encephalopathy[] […] may show extreme rage or have paranoid ideas How are organic mental disorders diagnosed?[] Often the patient's catastrophic reactions, rage and confabulations are not addressed by the family.[]

  • Schizophrenia

    Confabulation: damage to a specific inferior medial prefrontal system. Cortex 44, 637–648 (2008). 41. Cahill, C., Silbersweig, D. & Frith, C. D.[] ; schizotypal, schizoid, or paranoid personality disorders ; and atypical reactive disorders.[] Recent research suggests that selective modulation of the GABAergic system is a promising intervention for the treatment of schizophrenia-associated cognitive defects.[]

  • Cocaine Abuse

    Higher mental function is affected by confusion and confabulation. (Goforth et al, 2010) Alcohol use during pregnancy can lead to the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).[] Cognitive defects : Memory, reaction time, and attention may be permanently impaired, and brain grey matter may shrink, prematurely aging someone addicted to cocaine, studies[]

  • Delusion

    Data suggest that M.P. did 'perceive' the actual differences between doubles and originals rather than 'confabulate' them.[] Symptoms and Signs Delusional disorder may arise from a preexisting paranoid personality disorder.[] Langdon R, Michie PT, Ward PB, McConaghy N, Catts SV, Coltheart M: Defective self and/or other mentalising in schizophrenia: a cognitive neuropsychological approach.[]

  • Delirium

    Paranoid personality disorder Marked by a pervasive suspiciousness and unjustified mistrust of others, this disorder is apparent when the individual misinterprets words and[] The extent of the intellectual defect is often obscured by the use of denial, perseveration, and confabulation.[] defects Poor short term memory, poor attention span Poor short term memory, attention less affected until severe Hallucinations Common, especially visual Often absent Delusions[]

  • Psychosis

    Spontaneous confabulation, reality monitoring, and the limbic system--a review. Brain Res Brain Res Rev 36 : 150–160. Schultz W (1998).[] Paraphrenia (late) Sensitiver Beziehungswahn Type 2 Excludes paranoid personality disorder ( F60.0 ) paranoid psychosis, psychogenic ( F23 ) paranoid reaction ( F23 ) F22[] Psychosis, plural psychoses, any of several major mental illnesses that can cause delusions, hallucinations, serious defects in judgment and other cognitive processes, and[]

  • Stimulant

    Confabulation may be marked but is not invariably present.[] The dopamine system has been implicated in SUD, and dysfunction in the dopaminergic circuits—mostly in basal and frontal cortex with consequent defects in executive function[] Other cognitive functions are relatively well preserved and amnesic defects are out of proportion to other disturbances.[]

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