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50 Possible Causes for Cognitive Defect, Confusion, Paranoid Personality Disorder

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    […] chills; nausea or vomiting; evidence of weight loss; psychomotor agitation or retardation; muscular weakness, respiratory depression, chest pain, or cardiac arrhythmias; and confusion[] The length and severity of the depression is related to how much and how often amphetamines were used. craving exhaustion depression mental confusion restlessness and insomnia[] Cognitive Difficulties Confusion, poor judgment, fainting, and loss of consciousness are amphetamine overdose symptoms you should be aware.[]

  • Dementia

    Treating conditions that can lead to confusion often greatly improve mental function.[] In advanced AD pathology, synaptic dysfunction is another structural defect associated with a decline in memory ( 35 Terry RD.[] These include restlessness and agitation, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness and confusion.[]

  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    SSPE should not be confused with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis which has a similar cause but very different timing and course.[] This is caused by persistent defective measles virus infection.[] The patient denied having a headache or vomiting, however, she appeared confused and had a low-grade fever.[]

  • Pellagra

    Some of the other signs of Pellagra, other than digestive distress, are dementia related symptoms such as depression, anxiety, brain fog, mental confusion, etc., which are[] The clinical features included confusion and/or clouding of consciousness, marked oppositional hypertonus ('gegenhalten') and myoclonus.[] Depression 0.710 Confusion 0.600 Delusions 0.800 Stupor 0.724 Factor 2 ‘Hallucinatory-confused’ (after rotation) variance 17% Memory 0.680 Hallucinations 0.702 Confusion[]

  • Schizophrenia

    ; schizotypal, schizoid, or paranoid personality disorders ; and atypical reactive disorders.[] They usually don’t remember the treatment itself, and may experience a brief period of confusion following ECT.[] Recent research suggests that selective modulation of the GABAergic system is a promising intervention for the treatment of schizophrenia-associated cognitive defects.[]

  • Organic Brain Syndrome

    […] may show extreme rage or have paranoid ideas How are organic mental disorders diagnosed?[] That D-amphetamine was critical to the resulting marked diminution in confusion, paranoia, and deficit in short term memory was confirmed by the occurrence of a relapse coincident[] Both patients had intellectual impairment and memory loss punctuated by periods of confusion, tremulousness, clumsiness, difficulty in walking, and myoclonic jerks.[]

  • Cannabis Abuse

    Why This Matters The combination of the terms is important because “dependence” could be confusing to some clinicians and patients since the term is used medically to describe[] This condition may be accompanied by panic attacks and confusion. The chronic user may feel that life is just passing him or her by.[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    CONCLUSION: Confused by differences between TCM and CFP, people might take dangerous remedies without realizing the consequences; not only could it exacerbate their primary[] The first case showed hyperhidrosis, insomnia, generalied myokymia, cramps, tremor, weight loss, and myokymic and neuromyotonic discharges, followed by encephalopathy with confusion[] The mean parameter of color confusion index in patients was found to be statistically different than controls (p 0.01).[]

  • Cocaine Abuse

    You have a severe headache, confusion, or feel very nervous. You have weakness on one side of your body. You have chest pain, sweating, or shortness of breath.[] Cognitive defects : Memory, reaction time, and attention may be permanently impaired, and brain grey matter may shrink, prematurely aging someone addicted to cocaine, studies[] […] weight loss Severe tooth decay Auditory and tactile hallucinations Sexual problems, reproductive damage and infertility (for both men and women) Disorientation, apathy, confused[]

  • Alcoholic Amnestic Disorder

    […] associated with organic brain syndromes (310.0-310.9) 301.0 Paranoid personality disorder Fanatic personality Paranoid personality (disorder) Paranoid traits Excludes: acute[] Confusion is the most common early manifestation of this disorder – characterized by apathy, inattentiveness, and indifference to surroundings.[] Memory disturbance ( amnestic disorder or amnesia ), another example of a circumscribed cognitive defect, is discussed in this chapter.[]

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