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133 Possible Causes for Cognitive Defect, Flat Affect, Withdrawn

  • Apathetic Thyrotoxicosis with Thyrotoxic Crisis

    Usually, these subjects have previously been taking l -thyroxine substitution therapy, unless they have subsequently withdrawn it on their own initiative.[] […] β-blockers will rapidly alleviate symptoms in all types of hyperthyroidism, definitive treatment is also necessary, and when euthyroidism is restored β-blockers can be gradually withdrawn[] The patient is mentally slow and withdrawn. The skin is dry, coarse, cool, and wrinkled.[]

  • Stroke

    Post-stroke emotional difficulties include anxiety, panic attacks, flat affect (failure to express emotions), mania, apathy and psychosis.[] You also may experience changes in your behavior, such as being more impulsive or more withdrawn from socializing with others.[] […] impact The two most common psychological conditions found in people after a stroke are: depression: many people experience intense bouts of crying and feel hopeless and withdrawn[]

  • Brain Concussion

    During that time you may: Be withdrawn, easily upset, or confused Have a hard time with tasks that require memory or concentration Have mild headaches Be less tolerant of[] […] in cognition, vision, equilibrium.[] […] transient impairment of brain function and one or more of the following: loss of consciousness, amnesia, seizure, or a change in mental status, which may be accompanied by defects[]

  • Dementia

    Patients may become irritable, anxious, self-centered, inflexible, or angry more easily, or they may become more passive, with a flat affect, depression, indecisiveness, lack[] In these trials, different types of antipsychotics prescribed at different doses were withdrawn. Both abrupt and gradual withdrawal schedules were used.[] In advanced AD pathology, synaptic dysfunction is another structural defect associated with a decline in memory ( 35 Terry RD.[]

  • Schizophrenia

    affect and cognitive slowness.[] Symptoms such as becoming socially withdrawn and unresponsive or changes in sleeping patterns can be mistaken for an adolescent "phase".[] Recent research suggests that selective modulation of the GABAergic system is a promising intervention for the treatment of schizophrenia-associated cognitive defects.[]

  • Autism

    Honda’s is the first to look at the autism rate after the MMR vaccine has been withdrawn.[] Savant capabilities of autistic children and their cognitive implications. Cognitive defects in the development of mental illness & Serban G.. 1978 pp. 43–65. Eds.[] The Wakefield study has since been discredited and withdrawn by the journal that originally published it.[]

  • Hypnotic State

    And yet, despite the scientific evidence as to its power, and despite the fact that all mainstream churches have withdrawn opposition to it and all major orthodox medical[]

  • Lupus Encephalitis

    Over half of the people with SLE develop a characteristic red, flat facial rash over the bridge of their nose.[] The patient's condition suddenly deteriorated once the steroid was withdrawn. She suffered high fever with generalized convulsions.[] These antibodies also correlate with cognitive and visual spatial defects. Second, the anti-neuronal membrane antibodies are targeted directly to neuronal antigens.[]

  • Psychosis

    (i.e., flat affect, lack of initiative) rare deterioration of the patients' personality absence of psychosis in the patient's family absence of premorbid schizoid traits[] At the other behavioral extreme is catatonia, becoming withdrawn, immobile, and unaware of the surrounding world.[] Psychosis, plural psychoses, any of several major mental illnesses that can cause delusions, hallucinations, serious defects in judgment and other cognitive processes, and[]

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    She was also badly affected by electromagnetic fields, which also included human beings. The block of flats was filled with TVs, radios, etc.[] Simply put, if CBT and GET were subject to the same safety and efficacy requirements applied to pharmaceutical treatments, they would be immediately withdrawn.[] defects, joint/muscle pain, and headaches [ 1, Brenu EW, Staines DR, et al.[]

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