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2 Possible Causes for Cogwheel Ocular Pursuit

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  • Infantile Periodic Alternating Nystagmus

    […] flutter , saccadic intrusions, and opsoclonus: back-to-back saccades Pulse-step mismatch (glissades) Pursuits- cogwheel pursuits, absence of pursuits, reduced OKN, unable[] […] flutter (back-and-forth saccades without an intersaccadic interval) Cogwheeling is the interruption of smooth pursuit movements by saccades, resulting in jerky, uneven eye[] […] history of trauma, disease or familial history of the anomaly Saccadic anomalies: Amplitude disorders Dysmetria, hypometric and hypermetric saccades Triggering disorders Ocular[]

  • Congenital Merosin-Positive Muscular Dystrophy

    Both vertical and horizontal gaze were conjugate; no ocular dysmetria was seen, and pursuit movement was smooth.[] On testing of extra-ocular movements, saccades were not performed smoothly, and a series of microsaccades was seen which gave the movement a rachet or cogwheel quality.[]

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