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20 Possible Causes for Coital Headache

  • Post-Coital Headache

    Let us discuss post-coital headache also at times referred to as orgasmic headache. What is post coital headache? The history is quite typical.[] This the headache can mimic a post coital headache in character.[] Post Coital Headache Mayo Clinic Relief Gatorade when you have a headache it is not your ain that is hurting.[]

  • Thunderclap Headache

    […] vein[ 239 ] 1 Case Coital Headaches induced by Amiodarone[ 240 ] 1 Case Coital headache secondary to thyrotoxicosis (l[ 51 ]) 1 Cohort 6 Cohort Musculoskeletal[ 234 ] 5 Cohort[] Sexual or Coital Headaches: Some individuals experience a sudden explosive headache just prior to or at the moment of orgasm.[] […] has been referred to under various terms or clinical circumstances such as benign vascular headache, migrainous vasospasm, crash migraine, benign sexual (coital) headache[]

  • Exertional Headache

    External links [ edit ] Medscape: Etiology of Coital Headaches Dexter, S. (2010).[] Benign Coital Headaches A benign coital headache is a type of exertional headache that generally strikes during or shortly after sexual intercourse.[] Dear Readers, According to the National Headache Foundation, for some people, sex with orgasm can cause two kinds of headaches: Coital cephalalgia: This exertional headache[]

  • Transient Global Amnesia

    Patients who have a history of migraines and headaches are more likely to get TGA as some people report getting terrible head pains related to orgasms, called coital headaches[]

  • Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome

    We describe a case of rCVS in a 39-year-old male presenting with post-coital thunderclap headaches following a whiplash-type injury.[]

  • Migrainous Stroke

    The book covers a wide range of headache types including tension-type, cluster, drug induced, analgesic rebound, post-traumatic, thunderclap, coital, dangerous, and the recurrent[] […] disabling headache known as the migraine.[] Migraine in Women provides discussions on epidemiology, pathogenesis, options for preventative therapy, and headache management strategies.[]

  • Chronic Daily Headaches

    Primary sexual headache (benign vascular sexual headache or coital cephalgia): a headache precipitated by sexual activity, usually starting during intercourse and peaking[]

  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    […] history) Benign coital headache can present exactly like this but with all investigations negative Other sinister headaches Tumour (gradually worsening, raised ICP symptoms[] […] cephalgia Metabolic abnormalities Intracranial tumor Primary headache syndrome (ex: Cluster headache, migraine, etc.)[] Tension headache Cluster (often at night, clustered in time, unilateral, often post-ocular with eye watering) Migraine (look for gradual onset, aura, past history, family[]

  • Migraine Headache Equivalent

    Benign coital headache has a male-to-female ratio of 4:1.[] If benign coital headaches have been a problem for a significant period of time, the patient or couple may need psychological counseling. Lipton RB, Bigal ME.[] Basilar migraine and migraine aura without headaches are more common in women than in men.[]

  • Ophthalmic Migraine

    Coital headaches also called coital cephalalgia or sexual headaches is a rare but painful form of headache that starts in the nape of the neck during However the treatment[] […] for coital headaches for many people can be as simple as inging your weight up or down to the normal weight for your size.[] My headaches are starting to ease quite a bit the last three days so that’s a relief.[]

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