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23 Possible Causes for Cold, Clammy Skin, Pharyngeal Edema

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  • Adenovirus Infection

    People use this term because typical adenoviruses cause symptoms of the common cold , not severe pneumonia or death in most people.[] Symptoms Pneumonia- Fever with chills Dyspnea or short of breath Stabbing Chest Pain Sweating and Clammy Skin Loss of Appetite and Fatigue Confusion: Mostly observed after[] […] cervical adenitis Subsides in 1 week DDx: bacterial conjunctivitis, enterovirus, herpes simplex virus (HSV) Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis Unilateral onset of ocular redness and edema[]

  • Croton Oil Poisoning

    مألوفة abdomen Acid Acon acute affections Aggravation Ailments Alum Amelioration anus Apis bad effects Bell blood body burning Carbo Caust chest cholera chronic climacteric cold[] Other symptoms may include severe burning of the mouth and stomach; vomiting, marked diarrhea, shock, cold and clammy skin, pinched face, and rapid and weak pulse.[] It is extracted from the seeds by the process of cold pressing.[]

  • Acute Laryngitis

    Prevention & Control Preventive measures for laryngitis are similar to those for common cold and pharyngitis.[] […] very pale or gray skin; and cyanosed (bluish) lips.[] , a foreign body of the respiratory organs, and pharyngeal abscess should be excluded.[]

  • Toxic Effect of Carbolic Acid or Phenol

    Camphor and phenol are used to treat minor burns, cold sores, insect bites or stings, itchy skin, abrasions and mild sunburn.[] There are cold, clammy skin, nausea, vomiting, weak shallow breathing, weak rapid pulse, mental depression and anxiety, or coma and prostration, followed by recovery or death[] The patient becomes collapsed, and the skin is cold and clammy.[]

  • Veratrum

    […] water Cough on entering warm room from cold air MENSTRUAL DISORDERS Menses too early Profuse flow, exhausting Faints from least exertion Painful menses with coldness, cold[] Skin.-- Blue, cold, clammy, inelastic, cold as death. Cold sweat. Wrinkling of skin of hands and feet. Fever.-- Chill, with extreme coldness and thirst.[] Large doses increase these symptoms very much, the pulse becoming very rapid and so small as to be almost imperceptible; the skin is cold and clammy, and constant vomiting[]

  • Fracture

    Cold gutta-percha obturation techniques should be opted for root canal obturation to avoid further trauma to the periodontal ligament.[] An area below the injured joint is pale, cold, clammy, or blue. There is a bone projecting through the skin.[] Although type I usually can be treated by only observation, type II may cause obstruction of the pharyngeal airway due to hematoma and edema of the floor of the mouth.[]

  • Anaphylaxis

    The present review investigated cold-induced anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs after exposure to cold stimuli and is characterized by respiratory[] The symptoms include: feeling lightheaded or faint breathing difficulties – such as fast, shallow breathing wheezing a fast heartbeat clammy skin confusion and anxiety collapsing[] If pharyngeal or laryngeal edema is present, a tracheostomy may be indicated. 2018 Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA)[]

  • Streptococcal Septicemia

    […] grunting noises, rapid breathing, and short periods without breathing Irregular or abnormal heart rate—they may be fast or very slow Lethargy Pale appearance (pallor) with cold[] […] that is cold, clammy, and pale, or discolored or mottled Skin that is cool and pale at the extremities, signaling poor blood supply (poor perfusion) Loss of consciousness[] These lesions commonly produce vasodilatation, spreading edema, and an exudate composed mostly of neutrophils, often mixed with macrophages.[]

  • Juvenile Myxedema

    Myxedema is associated with other symptoms of underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism, including lethargy, weight gain, fatigue, depression, and cold sensitivity,[] There is anxiety, vomiting, cold clammy skin, lethargy and partial or complete loss of consciousness. 51.  Sign- oral, conjunctival, and vaginal mucosa often show patches[] Myxoedema is responsible for the thickening of the tongue and the laryngeal and pharyngeal mucous membranes, which results in thick slurred speech and hoarseness, both of[]

  • Septic Shock

    Cold Shock: As shock progresses and the body’s compensatory mechanisms to maintain cardiac output fail, the ominous late stage of cold shock occurs.[] […] and pale skin - Loss of consciousness If any of these symptoms develop you should seek medical advice straight away.[] , erythema, discharge of pus, with positive Gram stain and culture results from incision and drainage or deep cultures Upper respiratory tract: Pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or[]