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1,910 Possible Causes for Cold-Induced Muscle Cramps, Myopathic Pattern (EMG), Single Kidney

Did you mean: Cold-Induced Muscle Cramps, Myopathic Pattern (EMG, Single Kidney

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Classic-Like Type 1

    kidney; pes planus; plantar fasciitis; scoliosis Patient 3 F/9 NC 6 None Easy bruising Pes planus; piezogenic papules Patient 4 M/9 SW 8 Hypermobile fingers; hip laxity Easy[] Cases have been reported of patient manifesting chronic widespread pain, chronic headache occurring during pregnancy, depression and/or cold-induced muscle cramps, who have[] Normal LV diverticulum; chronic constipation; pes planus, piezogenic papules Patient 2 F/8 SW 8 Hypermobile fingers; hip laxity Normal Quadricuspid aortic valve; bifid uvula; single[]

  • Transient Sarcoidosis

    Diagnostic Testing: No single clinical test is diagnostic of sarcoidosis.[] Muscular Progressive proximal muscle weakness; myopathic pattern EMG, increased CpK.[] Finally, sarcoid may also affect the liver, the central (Bell’s palsy) and peripheral nervous systems, the lymphoid organs, and the kidney.[]

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  • Unilateral Renal Agenesis

    In patients with a single kidney the size of that kidney was larger and GFR and CPAH were higher than single kidney values in control subjects.[] Abstract This study was carried out to examine the renal hemodynamic response in adult patients with single kidneys born with unilateral renal agenesis.[] CONCLUSION: Cases of URA show a unique growth pattern of the single kidney from second trimester to term.[]

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  • Overlap Syndrome

    […] anti-DNA topoisomerase I, and anti-RNA polymerase I and III antibodies as markers for the scleroderma spectrum of disease; and a group of antibodies including antiliver/kidney[] Nerve conduction was normal, EMG showed typical myopathic pattern but the muscle biopsy showed a normal histology.[] , antismooth muscle antigen (anti-SMA), and antinuclear (ANA), included in diagnostic criteria for autoimmune hepatitis. 3 However, many patients cannot be assigned to a single[]

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  • Encephalopathy

    UREMIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Uremia describes the final stage of progressive renal insufficiency, which culminates in end-stage kidney failure with neurologic involvement.[] Concerning the clinical suspicion of cystinosis-associated myopathy, electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies revealed a typical myopathic EMG pattern with spontaneous[] The cause is unknown and no single metabolite or toxin is responsible for symptoms, but rather it is an accumulation of several chemicals/toxins in the blood that causes symptoms[]

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  • Renal Colic

    CONCLUSION: Factors associated with urologic intervention included female sex, single kidney, calculus size 5 mm and proximal calculus.[] kidney Renal impairment Renal transplant Ultrasound (“ultrasound KUB”) may be the best first test either in ED or as OP.[] CT is the test of choice for patients presenting with first-time renal colic or potentially complicated renal colic (eg, fever, a single kidney, or immunosuppression).[]

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  • Urinary Tract Disease

    Take a single, daily dose of an antibiotic to prevent infections.[] Your provider may suggest that you: Take a single dose of an antibiotic after sexual contact to prevent an infection.[] Always drink plenty of water when you have a bladder or kidney infection. Tell your provider if you might be pregnant before taking these drugs.[]

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  • Renal Agenesis

    Oligomeganephronic hypoplasia of kidney Potter syndrome Renal agenesis Renal agenesis, unilat Single kidney Solitary kidney Solitary kidney (having only one kidney) Unilateral[] A total of 478 clinical charts with the diagnoses of single kidney; 429 non-congenital single kidney were rejected, leaving 49 congenital single kidneys; 6 of them were rejected[] There are reports of hypertension and renal insufficiency in long-term studies of patients with a single kidney, and lifetime follow-up is recommended.[]

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  • Ectopic Ureter

    PURPOSES: To assess the efficacy of laparoscopic nephrectomy for a single-system ectopic ureter draining a dysplastic kidney in children.[] kidney.[] If an ectopic ureter drains a single kidney, it is called a single-system ectopic ureter (SSEU).[]

    Missing: Cold-Induced Muscle Cramps Myopathic Pattern (EMG)
  • Paramyotonia Congenita

    Five were interviewed; their symptoms began in early childhood, and included muscle cramping induced by exposure to cold or exertion (both in most cases).[] Electromyography (EMG), performed in patients III:3 and III:5, revealed profuse myotonic discharges and myopathic changes, consisting of low amplitude, early recruitment pattern[] Face and hand muscles were predominantly affected.[]

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