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18 Possible Causes for Cold Intolerance, Oral Mucosal Disorder, Weight Loss

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    Raynaud’s attacks can be uncomfortable and associated with cold intolerance.[] Lastly, substances used to minimize appetite and contribute to weight loss (derivatives of phenylethylamine ) are also believed to trigger systemic sclerosis.[] Those with the diffuse form of the disease may also experience fatigue, depression and loss of appetite leading to malnutrition and weight loss.[]

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    Makes frequent comments about feeling “fat” or overweight despite weight loss Complains of constipation, abdominal pain, cold intolerance, lethargy, and/or excess energy Denies[] Anorexia nervosa is a medical and psychological disorder classically seen in young women who present with significant weight loss, a distorted body image, and an intense fear[] CONCLUSIONS: ED display a wide array of oral mucosal lesions that can be regarded as their early manifestations.[]

  • Uremia

    […] hands and feet Intolerance of Cold Pain in the armpits Unilateral pain in the abdomen and hypochondrium Stiffness and spasms beside and below the umbilicus Pain in the waist[] […] coronary calcification, Volume overload, Pericardial effusions and pericarditis -Pulm - pulmonary edema due to volume overload -GI - nausea/vomiting, anorexia, hiccups, weight[] mucosal disorder.[]

  • Anterior Pituitary Disease

    Deficiency of TSH and Thyroid Hormone Thyroid stimulating hormone deficiency causes decreased energy, increased need to sleep, cold intolerance, dry skin, constipation, muscle[] ACTH deficiency can result in low blood pressure, weakness, dehydration, abdominal pain, weight loss, and difficulty in recovering from illnesses or surgeries.[] Mucosal Disorders, Duke University at v t e Oral and maxillofacial pathology ( K00–K06, K11–K14 , 520–525, 527–529 ) Lips Cheilitis Actinic Angular Plasma cell Cleft lip[]

  • Radiation Stomatitis

    The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism may include extreme fatigue, dry skin, hair loss and intolerance to cold.[] loss, and help ensure the completion of therapies.8,9 A low percentage of weight loss and low complication rate were reported in a recent retrospective review of 50 patients[] • Soft tissue necrosis • Osteoradionecrosis The patient is at risk of developing significant oral sequelae during initial phases of the transplant including oral mucositis[]

  • Dental Disorder

    1-2%. [291] Hyperthyroidism has a prevalence of 0.5-2% in women; however, it is 10 times less common in men. [291] Common systemic manifestations of hypothyroid include cold[] 1. depressed mood 2. diminshed interest in pleasure or all activities 3. weight loss or gain 4. fatigue or loss of energy 5. recurrent thought of death or suicide 6. cannot[] A highly significant (P less than 0.001) increase was observed in oral-mucosal and dental disorder with advance in age.[]

  • Nonendemic Simple Goitre

    If you have hypothyroidism, you may also experience lethargy, slowed physical and mental functions, hair loss, dry skin, decreased heart rate, intolerance to cold, constipation[] Thyroid symptoms may include weight loss despite increased appetite and heat intolerance.[] It is among the most common oral mucosal lesions with high prevalence among young adults.[]

  • Dental Caries

    The pain becomes increasingly intolerable as the decay gets deeper in the tooth. X-rays allow diagnosing a cavity in its early stages.[] loss.[] These changes range from oral mucositis experienced during and soon after treatment, mucosal opportunistic infections, neurosensory disorders, and tissue fibrosis.[]

  • Sialadenitis

    Desire for icy cold things Marked hoarseness. Anthracinum Septic inflammation with terrible burning Induration and oedema of cellular tissue.[] Abstract A 71-year-old man was admitted with malaise, mild fever, anorexia, body weight loss, lower back pain, thirst, and polydipsia.[] The differential diagnosis also should include dehydration, trauma, and scarring secondary to oral mucosal surgical procedures or neoplasm.[]

  • Oral Mucosal Disorder

    1-2%. [291] Hyperthyroidism has a prevalence of 0.5-2% in women; however, it is 10 times less common in men. [291] Common systemic manifestations of hypothyroid include cold[] General symptoms include: persistent diarrhoea, in severe cases with haemorrhagic and mucous content, iron deficiency anaemia, weight loss.[] Part II of our important volume on oral mucosal disorders, in this issue we cover: oral herpes virus infections, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, lichen planus/lichenoid mucositis[]

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