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2,295 Possible Causes for Colic

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  • Appendicitis

    The patient underwent ileo-colic resection with en-bloc removal of the appendix.[] K-sign can be positive in other retroperitoneal pathologies like renal colic, ureteric colic and psoas abscess etc.[] However, signs concerning for malignancy include a short-segment of involved colon ( 10 cm), colonic mass with overhanging shoulders, and peri-colic lymphadenopathy. 6,18[]

  • Acromegaly

    When you first start taking somatostatin analogues, it may give you stomach colic or diarrhoea, but these effects usually wear off within a few days.[]

  • Intussusception

    Colo-colic intussusception is extremely rare in adults and few cases have been described secondary to a lypomatous polyp.[] The ultrasonographic examination raised the suspicion of an ileo-colic intussusception due to a polypoid tumor.[] An exploratory laparotomy was carried out after resuscitation with per-operative findings of a prolapsed ileo- colic intussusception and a necrosed intussusceptum.[]

  • Biliary Colic

    The exact cause of infantile colic is not known but several factors may contribute to it, including excessive swallowing of air, too rapid feeding or overfeeding, parental[] Biliary colic , also known as a gallbladder attack or gallstone attack , is when a colic (sudden pain) occurs due to a gallstone temporarily blocking the bile duct . [1] Typically[] Data indicate that ceruletide is effective in biliary colic.[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema

    The pain was non-radiating, colic, and associated with flatulence, nausea and vomiting.[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    A small fraction of patients undergoing cholecystectomy for biliary colic are subsequently diagnosed with an obstructive pancreatic head mass.[] It’s biliary colic that just doesn’t go away. The pain lasts longer than 6h and is usually associated with nausea/vomiting, fever and right upper quadrant pain.[] The diagnosis for the initial episode was biliary colic/dyskinesia (65.3%), acute cholecystitis (26.6%), choledocholithiasis (5.7%), or gallstone pancreatitis (2.4%).[]

  • Ascariasis

    We present here sonographic images on four pediatric patients with acute biliary colic.[] We report an unusual case where a patient presented with recurrent biliary colic after cholecystectomy and common bile duct stone extraction and was diagnosed to have biliary[] The common presentations include biliary colic, acute cholangitis, obstructive jaundice, choledocholithiasis and acute cholecystitis.[]

  • Choledochal Cyst

    There were 3 cases of suspected adhesive colic that resolved without surgery.[] Note that biliary colic usually does not cause derangement of liver functions.[] Pain may mimic biliary colic. Neonates frequently present with biliary obstruction, whereas older youths suffer from jaundice and abdominal pain.[]

  • Anisakiasis

    A fibrous mass (granuloma) forms in the intestine causing fever, colic and intermittent obstruction.[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema Type 3

    There are recurrent episodes of swellings of the skin and mucous membranes throughout life often associated with nausea, vomiting, colic, and urinary symptoms.[] […] and genitals can affect any area upper airway swelling of the lips, tongue, uvula, soft palate, and larynx gastrointestinal bowel wall edema resulting in gastrointestinal colic[] It is known to cause attacks that may be complicated by incapacitating cutaneous swelling, life-threatening upper airway obstruction, and severe gastrointestinal colic.[]

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