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98 Possible Causes for Colonic Perforation, Pus in Stool

  • Amebiasis

    Abstract Diagnosis of amebiasis by microscopic identification of the parasite in stool and liver abscess pus is insensitive and unable to distinguish the invasive parasite[] Multiple colon perforation was 74%, with right colon the most affected (90.5%).[] Symptoms of amebiasis may include: Loose stool Stomach pain/cramping Bloody stool Fever Abscess of the liver (collection of pus) If I swallowed E. histolytica, how quickly[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    […] the stool; diarrhoea; fatigue and tiredness; weight loss; and loss of appetite.[] Complications Possible complications of ulcerative colitis include: Severe bleeding A hole in the colon (perforated colon) Severe dehydration Liver disease (rare) Bone loss[] Colonic perforation may occur, which increases mortality significantly.[]

  • Pseudomembranous Colitis

    You need medical help any time you have severe diarrhea with stomach cramps or blood or pus in your stool.[] Clostridium difficile colitis produces a range of symptoms from minor self-limited diarrhea to colonic perforation and sepsis.[] […] megacolon Bleeding CLINICAL FEATURES diarrhoea 3-9 days post initiation of antibiotics may start weeks after discontinuation of antibiotics loose stools - toxic megacolon and colonic[]

  • Clostridium Difficile

    Clostridium Difficile (C. diff) Infection Digestive system Diarrhea Fever Appetite loss Nausea Abdominal pain Rapid heart rate Dehydration Blood in stool Pus in stool Weight[] This accounts for most of the serious complications such as perforation (rupture) of the colon, and death.[] Toxigenic C. difficile strains were isolated from the drained pus and also from the stool sample.[]

  • Shigella Enteritis

    These may be: Watery diarrhea Dehydration Nausea & vomiting Mild to moderate fever Sudden abdominal discomfort Rectal pain Mucus, blood, or pus in stool A point to remember[] Colonic perforation is an extremely rare complication of shigellosis.[] Symptoms include: Acute (sudden) abdominal pain or cramping Acute fever Blood, mucus, or pus in the stool Crampy rectal pain Nausea and vomiting Watery diarrhea Exams and[]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    Peritonitis — inflammation or infection of the lining of your abdomen, which is caused when pus and stool leak through a perforation.[] Abstract Three cases of perforated diverticulitis of the transverse colon are added to 19 case reports in the English literature.[] But if you have severe pain or pressure in your lower abdomen, or notice blood or pus in your stool, it may be a colon abscess and not the flu.[]

  • Diverticular Abscess

    Surgery for diverticular disease is indicated for the following: A rupture in the colon that causes pus or stool to leak into the abdominal cavity, resulting in peritonitis[] Complications include diverticular haemorrhage, colonic diverticulitis (Table 2.2), abscess formation, perforation, fistula and colonic stricture formation (see Fig. 2.31)[] When a perforation is large, stool leaks freely into the abdomen and emergency operation is required to remove the involved colon.[]

  • Proctoscopy

    These indications include bleeding from the anal canal, the presence of blood, pus or mucus in the stool, a change in bowel habits, pain, in order to obtain material for smears[] There is a slight chance of piercing the colon (perforation) or causing severe bleeding by damaging the wall of the colon. But these problems are rare.[] These tests are often done to investigate symptoms such as unexplained bleeding from the rectum, long-lasting diarrhea or constipation, blood or pus in the stool, or lower[]

  • Perforated Diverticulitis

    When a perforation is large, stool leaks freely into the abdomen and emergency operation is required to remove the involved colon.[] Blog for Colon / Bowel Surgery / Perforated Diverticulitis What a New York Doctor’s Colon Surgery Mistake Really Costs You Library for Colon / Bowel Surgery / Perforated Diverticulitis[] colon is rare (only 5 % of perforations).[]

  • Perforated Diverticulum

    When a perforation is large, stool leaks freely into the abdomen and emergency operation is required to remove the involved colon.[] Keywords: Perforation, transverse colon, true diverticulum How to cite this article: Wilkinson TR, Wilkinson AR. Perforated diverticulum of the transverse colon.[] Two unusual cases of perforated solitary diverticula of the ascending colon are reported, and literature is briefly reviewed.[]

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