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18 Possible Causes for Complete Blood Count Abnormal, Dysuria, Prostatic Induration

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    Urgency and dysuria may signify a urinary tract infection, not uncommon in older males.[] Extension of induration to the seminal vesicles and lateral fixation of the gland suggest locally advanced prostate cancer.[] A 53-year-old man presented to our department with acute urinary retention and an approximate 8-year history of frequent urination, dysuria, poor urinary stream and nocturia[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    The patients were 65, 66, and 68 years old and presented with dysuria and micturition.[] Palpation of nodules or induration on DRE could indicate malignancy or prostatitis with seminal vesicle induration and restricted mobility of the prostate being suggestive[] Other complaints included frequent urination, but there was neither dysuria nor gross hematuria. Digital rectal examination revealed a smooth prostate of normal size.[]

  • Acute Prostatitis

    Dysuria, increased urinary frequency, and pain in the pelvic region are main symptoms, whereas fever and systemic manifestations can be reported in more severe forms.[] Assessment-Physical Findings Cloudy urine Distended bladder Suprapubic tenderness (acute bacterial prostatitis) Prostatic tenderness, induration, swelling, firmness, and[] The present study reports the case of a 67-year-old man who was admitted to our transplant unit 3.5 months post transplantation with fever, dysuria, suprapubic pain, symptoms[]

  • Acute Epididymitis

    Appendicitis 377 53 Diverticulitis 381 54 Abdominal Abscess 387 55 Splenic Abscess 391 56 Peritonitis 397 57 Whipples Disease and Sprue 403 PART VIII 407 58 Urethritis and Dysuria[] Epididymitis Pathology In its early stages epididymitis is a cellular inflammation , in the acute stage, the epididymis is swollen and indurated.[] Most patients with epididymitis from sexually transmitted infection have accompanying dysuria or urethral discharge, or both.[]

  • Disseminated Tuberculosis

    (Blood cultures reports and sensitivity tests in second and third week of admission at secondary hospital in appendix B) Her full blood count remained normal in follow-up[] We present a 55-year-old male who presented with painful non-healing ulcers on the lower lip and scrotum associated with productive cough, fever, anorexia and dysuria.[] In the male, tuberculosis involves prostate and epididymis most often with non-tender induration and infertility.[]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Dysuria, hematuria and frequency of micturition are common. Flank pain may be noted. However, often there is advanced renal destruction by the time of diagnosis [32].[] In the male, tuberculosis involves prostate and epididymis most often with non-tender induration and infertility.[] […] meningitis : headaches (variable in length but persistent), mental changes, coma TB arthritis : usually pain in a single joint (hips and knees most common) Genitourinary TB: dysuria[]

  • Male Genital Tuberculosis

    Chest radiograph was normal, and laboratory data including complete blood cell count, blood chemistry, testicular tumor markers including α-fetoprotein (AFP), β-human chorionic[] Half of the patients with prostate tuberculosis complained of dysuria, 23 (39.6%) had perineal pain, 34 (58.6%) had flank pain.[] A rectal examination demonstrated multiple prostatic areas that were asymmetric and tender, with induration at 3 o'clock.[]

  • Priapism

    Testing includes A complete blood count Sometimes hemoglobin electrophoresis, particularly in boys and men of African or Mediterranean descent Hemoglobin electrophoresis is[] Abstract A 51-year-old man presented at our department 2 days after the onset of a painful mass in the perineum and dysuria.[] The primary tumor sites are bladder, prostate and rectum.[]

  • Primary Male Hypogonadism

    Discontinuation of TRT is recommended if clinical manifestations of lower urinary tract involvement, such as polyuria, nocturia, dysuria, hesitancy and precipitancy of urination[] Contraindications to testosterone therapy 1 Breast or prostate cancer A palpable prostate nodule or induration without further urological evaluation PSA 4 ng/mL (or 3 ng/mL[] prostate or breast cancer, or those with an unevaluated prostate nodule, asymmetric induration, or prostate specific antigen (PSA) 4 ng/L (or 3 ng/L in high risk populations[]

  • Amebic Lung Abscess

    Similar complete blood count (CBC) and liver test abnormalities are found in patients with pyogenic liver abscesses and are not specific ( Ravdin & Stauffer, 2005 ).[] Patients with symptomatic E coli UTI have dysuria and may have low-grade fever.[] Patients present with dysuria, hematuria, or flank pain. 37 , 38 More than 90 percent of asymptomatic patients have sterile pyuria with or without microscopic hematuria. 37[]