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2,104 Possible Causes for Complete Blood Count Abnormal, Gonococcal Pharyngitis, Prostitute

  • Gonorrhea

    In people who practice oral sex, it may infect the throat, causing gonococcal pharyngitis. To continue reading this article, you must login.[] He noted that the disease was common in prostitutes and homosexuals in large cities.[] In people who practice oral sex, it may infect the throat, causing gonococcal pharyngitis.[]

  • Gonococcal Perihepatitis

    Gonococcal pharyngitis is usually asymptomatic but may cause sore throat.[] Additional Syndromes Seen in Men and Women Pharyngeal Infection Gonococcal pharyngeal infection is most often asymptomatic.[] Seldom arthritis or gonococcal sepsis. fig. gonococcal neonatal conjunctivitis: purulent conjunctivitis of the newborn.[]

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    Prostitutes play a major role in carrying and transmitting LGV, as was documented during an outbreak in Florida in the late 1980s.[] The recommended antibiotic for treatment of gonococcal pharyngitis is a single IM injection of ceftriaxone IM.[] […] other areas - eg, Edinburgh. [ 6 ] Risk factors [ 7 ] Unprotected sexual intercourse Receptive anal intercourse Insertive oral intercourse Sexual contacts in endemic areas Prostitution[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Despite loss of children, loss of family, homelessness, seizures, heart attacks, diseases, prostitution, incarceration and overdose, chronic relapsers continue to drink and[]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis
  • Heroin Dependence

    A small proportion of heroin users resort to prostitution to support their habit.[] In the McIntosh and McKeganey study, all of the women who reported turning to prostitution hated it and only took it up out of desperation.[]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis
  • Syphilis

    Medical researchers sought out prostitutes with syphilis to deliberately pass on the sexually transmitted disease to men through intercourse. Other men were injected.[] The prostitute also infected the soldiers of Charles VIII.[] Prostitutes with syphilis were used to infect male prisoners.[]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis
  • Cervical Cancer

    […] increase the risk of exposure to HPV, such as having had intercourse before the age of 17 years, having had six or more sexual partners, and having a history of contact with prostitutes[]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis
  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    For patients receiving ganciclovir or foscarnet, monitoring of complete blood counts and serum electrolytes and renal function should be performed twice weekly during induction[] There were small reported rates of homosexuality, anal intercourse, and prostitution. Of respondents, 22% reported alcohol use and 22% had tried recreational drugs.[] Also, rates among prostitutes appeared to have fallen as condoms gained acceptance.[]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis
  • Hepatitis B

    ., individuals at highest risk for hepatitis B infection are those, who engage in risky behaviors such as illegal IV drug use, prostitution, men who have sex with men, heterosexuals[] High rates of infection with hepatitis B occur in intravenous drug abusers, sexually active male homosexuals and prostitutes.[]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis
  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Pulmonary tuberculosis can be confirmed by positive bacteriology of sputum, bronchial aspirate or by biopsies (microscopy and/ or culture) or by histopathological examination highlighting specific tuberculous granulomas. When microscopy is repeatedly negative during noninvasive methods, lung biopsy by thoracoscopy is[…][]

    Missing: Gonococcal Pharyngitis