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12 Possible Causes for Complete Blood Count Abnormal, Gonococcal Pharyngitis, Salpingitis

  • Gonorrhea

    In people who practice oral sex, it may infect the throat, causing gonococcal pharyngitis. To continue reading this article, you must login.[] In 10 to 20% of women, cervical infection ascends via the endometrium to the fallopian tubes (salpingitis) and pelvic peritoneum, causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)[] Sometimes gonorrhea spreads to the adnexa, causing salpingitis, or disseminates to skin and/or joints, causing skin lesions or septic arthritis.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Urethral testing alone missed 84% of chlamydial and gonococcal infections compared with 9.8% missed by rectal and pharyngeal testing in another study ( 47 ).[] Xanthogranulomatous salpingitis (XGS) is a rare form of chronic inflammation of the fallopian tubes.[] […] experienced one salpingitis and no further PID episodes, 3·7% one salpingitis and one further PID episode, and 1·7% one salpingitis and 2 further PID episodes.[]

  • Gonococcal Perihepatitis

    Perihepatitis and chlamydial salpingitis. Lancet. 1980 Apr 26;1(8174):901-3. [ PMID 6103259 ] Sharma JB, Malhotra M, Arora R.[] Gonococcal pharyngitis is usually asymptomatic but may cause sore throat.[] A syndrome of perihepatitis associated with gonococcal salpingitis was described in the 1920s. Chlamydial salpingitis also causes perihepatitis.[]

  • Acute Pelvic Cellulitis

    […] and oophoritis 614.1 - Chronic salpingitis and oophoritis 614.2 - Salpingitis and oophoritis not specified as acute, subacute, or chronic 614.4 - Chronic or unspecified parametritis[] […] disease Ear, nose and throat (ENT): Acute diffuse otitis externa, acute otitis media, acute sinusitis, dental abscess (including severe or spreading infection), sore throat (pharyngitis[] […] and oophoritis, unspecified N70.91 Salpingitis, unspecified N70.92 Oophoritis, unspecified N70.93 Salpingitis and oophoritis, unspecified N71 Inflammatory disease of uterus[]

  • Pyogenic Arthritis of the Sacroiliac Joint

    Cultures for gonococcal infection. Rectal, cervical, urethral and pharyngeal swabs should be taken if this condition is suspected.[] Women with urinary tract inflammation due to reactive arthritis may develop inflammation of the cervix, inflammation of the fallopian tubes (salpingitis), or inflammation[] If gonococcal septic arthritis is suspected pharyngeal, rectal, cervical, or urethral specimens should be obtained and swabbed on Thayer-Martin plates.[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    Acute gonococcal flexor tenosynovitis in an adolescent male with pharyngitis. A case report and literature review. Clin Orthop. 1992;281:212–5. 7.[] […] teratoma【仙尾部奇形腫】 *sagittal nystagmus【垂直眼振】 *salivary calculus【唾石】(salivary stone; sialolith) *salivary stone【唾石】(salivary calculus; sialolith) *salpingemphraxis【卵管閉塞症】 *salpingitis[] Acute gonococcal flexor tenosynovitis. Orthopedics. 1997;20:649–50. 6. Schaefer RA, Enzenauer RJ, Pruitt A, Corpe RS.[]

  • Periurethral Abscess

    […] molar pregnancy Oophoritis following ectopic and molar pregnancy Parametritis following ectopic and molar pregnancy Pelvic peritonitis following ectopic and molar pregnancy Salpingitis[] Gonococcal osteomyelitis A54.49 Gonococcal infection of other musculoskeletal tissue A54.5 Gonococcal pharyngitis A54.6 Gonococcal infection of anus and rectum A54.8 Other[] […] face L02.01 (any part, except ear, eye and nose) ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code L02.01 Cutaneous abscess of face 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code fallopian tube - see Salpingitis[]

  • Disseminated Tuberculosis

    (Blood cultures reports and sensitivity tests in second and third week of admission at secondary hospital in appendix B) Her full blood count remained normal in follow-up[] […] pelviperitonitis and other gonococcal genitourinary infections A543 Gonococcal infection of eye A544 Gonococcal infection of musculoskeletal system A545 Gonococcal pharyngitis[] Genital Tract Tuberculosis: Tuberculous salpingitis and endometritis result from dissemination of tuberculosis to the fallopian tube that leads to granulomatous salpingitis[]

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    The recommended antibiotic for treatment of gonococcal pharyngitis is a single IM injection of ceftriaxone IM.[] Genital tract infections: vulva, vagina, cervix, toxic shock syndrome, endometritis, and salpingitis. In: Lobo RA, Gershenson DM, Lentz GM, Valea FA, eds.[] .  For uncomplicated gonococcal infection of the cervix, urethra, and rectum and pharyngeal gonorrhea Ceftriaxone (250mg IM) Azithromycin (1000mg orally as SD) / Doxycycline[]

  • Congenital Syphilis

    Vaginitis is the most common manifestation of gonococcal infection in preadolescent girls.[] The bacterial flora that characterizes BV have been recovered from the endometria and salpinges of women who have PID.[] If spectinomycin is used to treat pharyngitis, a follow-up culture is necessary to ensure that treatment was effective.[]