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1,646 Possible Causes for Complete Blood Count Abnormal, Leukorrhea, Urethral Discharge in Males

  • Gonorrhea

    The first symptoms in the male are a burning sensation upon urination and a purulent urethral discharge that may be profuse or may be so meagre as to go unnoticed.[] […] that practically always involves mucous membranes of the urethra, resulting in a copious discharge of pus, more apparent in the male than in the female.[] […] bleeding Fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting (less common) In males, the major genitourinary symptoms of gonorrhea include the following: Urethritis: The major manifestation[]

    Missing: Leukorrhea
  • Reiter's Syndrome

    These conditions are burning with urination with a discharge (urethritis), arthritis and eye infection.[] Urethritis is often symptomatic in male patients, usually with a mucopurulent discharge, but sometimes presents as gross hematuria secondary to hemorrhagic cystitis.[] Urethral discharge Burning or stinging on urination. Pus filled sores. Rashes.[]

    Missing: Leukorrhea
  • Male Periurethral Cellulitis

    ) Self catheterization - male (Medical Encyclopedia) Traumatic injury of the bladder and urethra (Medical Encyclopedia) Urethral discharge culture (Medical Encyclopedia) Urethral[] […] posterior intravaginal column Congenital Variations vaginal septum vaginal septal remnant vaginal prolapse Developmental Variations Vaginal Changes With Estrogen physiologic leukorrhea[] Chlamydial infections - male (Medical Encyclopedia) Epispadias (Medical Encyclopedia) Meatal stenosis (Medical Encyclopedia) Self catheterization - female (Medical Encyclopedia[]

  • Third Trimester Pregnancy

    You will have increased white-colored vaginal discharge (leukorrhea), which may contain more mucus. Backaches may persist and increase in intensity.[] Increased white-colored vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) which may contain more mucus. Backaches may persist and increase in intensity.[]

    Missing: Urethral Discharge in Males
  • Urethritis

    The urethral discharge was collected from male patients with urethritis at 51 medical facilities from April 2009 to October 2010.[] In the absence of the major diagnostic signs of inflammatory vaginitis, leukorrhea might be a sensitive indicator of cervical inflammation with a high negative predictive[] Abstract Acute purulent urethritis is a complication associated with an indwelling. Foley catheter in male patients.[]

    Missing: Complete Blood Count Abnormal
  • Uterine Fibroid

    […] cramping passing blood clots bloating abdominal enlargement constipation urinary frequency or difficulty urinating infertility painful intercourse chronic watery discharge (leukorrhea[]

    Missing: Urethral Discharge in Males
  • Nongonorrheal Male Urethritis

    NON GONORRHEA URETHRITIS Symptoms: Painful urination (dysuria); pus from urethra (penis)- urethral discharge; No symptom in female or discharge from cervix Special signs:[] Visually, leukorrhea presents as a heavy pale white sticky discharge, while the mucous plug is usually bloodstained.[] .  In males: urethritis with purulent discharges.  In females: urethritis and/or cervicitis with discharges.  Arthritis, pharyngitis, rectal infection, septicaemia, endocarditis[]

    Missing: Complete Blood Count Abnormal
  • Hypermenorrhea

    […] gushing The Blood is very red, thick and sticky and may contain dark-purple clots A sensation of Heat and irritability in the chest Menstruation may be delayed Dry mouth Leukorrhea[] […] menstruation with a small amount of pale Blood Mild, persistent uterine bleeding Lumbar and sacral pain which are worse following menstruation or when tired Profuse, clear, watery leukorrhea[]

    Missing: Urethral Discharge in Males
  • Acute Epididymitis

    discharge) or Neisseria gonorrhoeae (purulent discharge) in sexually active males With anal intercourse, likely Escherichia coli or Haemophilus influenza 35 years Commonly[] […] from Mycoplasma pneumoniae , enterovirus, or adenovirus Henoch-Schönlein purpura may present as acute scrotum. 14 to 35 years of age Usually Chlamydia trachomatis (serous urethral[]

    Missing: Leukorrhea
  • Bacterial Arthritis

    discharge in a male.[] […] arthritis is suspected, [8] cultures and Gram stain material should be obtained from the cervix in postpubertal girls, from the vagina of prepubertal girls, and from any urethral[]

    Missing: Leukorrhea

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