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690 Possible Causes for Complete Blood Count Abnormal, Ulcerative Colitis

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1

    Blood cell counts: Complete blood count ( CBC ) blood test may show abnormalities and may indicate anemia or inflammation.[] Crypt-associated giant cells and granulomas can occur in ulcerative colitis and in themselves are unreliable features for the discrimination between Crohn's disease and ulcerative[] […] with ulcerative colitis than in other people.[]

  • Vasculitis

    The following blood and urine tests are usually done: Complete blood count : Abnormalities, such as lower counts of red blood cells (anemia), too many platelets, too many[] We report two cases of CSVV associated with ulcerative colitis, review the literature, and discuss the diagnostic evaluation of children who present with CSVV and abdominal[] Blood tests and urine tests, including the following, are usually done: A complete blood cell count is done.[]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    Carcinoma complicating idiopathic ulcerative colitis is well known.[] Endoscopic image of ulcerative colitis-type SCAD.[] No significant difference in the prevalence of diverticuli was detected between the three subtypes of IBD patients (2% in ulcerative colitis versus 4.7% in Crohn's colitis[]

  • Pediatric Crohn Disease

    Blood cell counts: Complete blood count ( CBC ) blood test may show abnormalities and may indicate anemia or inflammation.[] […] with ulcerative colitis than in other people.[] Abstract Granulomatous ulcerative colitis: a re‐appraisal of the mucosal granuloma in the distinction of Crohn's disease from ulcerative colitis Aims : To determine whether[]

  • Anemia

    Often, anemia caused by chronic diseases goes undetected until a routine test such as a complete blood count (CBC) reveals abnormal results.[] Some of the major types of anemia’s are like hemolytic anemia, thalassemia , etc. the causes of anemia are long term chronic diseases like cancer, ulcerative colitis, chronic[] colitis, or rheumatoid arthritis Some forms of anemia, such as thalassemia or sickle cell anemia, which can be inherited Pregnancy Problems with bone marrow such as lymphoma[]

  • Colonic Crohn Disease

    The high intensity of CD44v6 and v3 epitope expression on crypt epithelial cells in ulcerative colitis suggests that CD44 isoforms may have an important role in ulcerative[] In our study, severe, active colonic Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis could be detected by diagnostic sonography of the colon with a sensitivity of 91% and 89%, respectively[] Dr Tung and Dr Warner discuss the use of these and more traditional drugs in patients with colonic Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, stressing the need for individualized[]

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    KEYWORDS: SLE; Ulcerative colitis; coexistence[] Ulcerative colitis can be associated with numerous extraintestinal organ manifestations.[] Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestines that cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal bleeding.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    Complete blood cell count and blood chemistries may be ordered, looking for anemia (low red blood cell count) and other abnormalities, including those from dehydration.[] […] extent in ulcerative colitis or identify proximal constipation.[] Blood cell counts: Complete blood count ( CBC ) blood test may show abnormalities and may indicate anemia or inflammation.[]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    There are many possible causes of gi bleeding, including hemorrhoids peptic ulcers tears or inflammation in the esophagus diverticulosis and diverticulitis ulcerative colitis[] The most common underlying conditions are peptic ulcer, Mallory-Weiss syndrome, esophageal varices, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, and carcinoma of the stomach and colon[] colitis and Crohn's disease).[]

  • Colonic Polyp

    colitis patients ( World J Gastroenterol 2017;23:1541 ) May occur in older patients with peripheral vascular disease Sites Can arise anywhere in the colon, especially at[] Inflammatory – these polyps may follow a bout of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.[] Inflammatory polyps may be seen with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease of the colon.[]

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