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8,561 Possible Causes for compounds

  • Halitosis

    We found a strong positive association between LPR and volatile sulphur compound levels.[] AIM: To assess the effect of different stages of intervention on volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) of periodontitis patients with halitosis, before and after non-surgical[] These volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) have a “rotten egg” smell.[]

  • Vulvitis

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three women with vulvar pain and lesions secondary to plasma cell vulvitis refractory to conventional therapy were treated with topical misoprostol compounded[] Expectations for the course of the disease Your opinion or preference Treatment may include: Self-help measures (for example, avoiding irritants) Sitz baths with soothing compounds[] […] the vulva Intense itching Clear, fluid-filled blisters Sore, scaly, thick, or white patches on the vulva Treatment may include: Self-help measures Sitz baths with soothing compounds[]

  • Malignant Melanoma in Childhood

    METHODS: We performed immunohistochemical studies for expression of p16 in 6 Spitzoid malignant melanomas, 18 Spitz nevi, and 12 compound melanocytic nevi in children younger[] Another of the few compounds tested in children is pegylated interferon α-2b.[] […] aim of this study was to evaluate in a childhood population the expression of p16 in nodular malignant melanoma of Spitzoid type, Spitz nevi, and a control group of benign compound[]

  • Overeating

    This suggests that the specific compounds in foods can have a mood-boosting effect.[]

  • Common Cold

    The compound formulas of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are frequently used to treat the common cold in China and other parts of the world.[] AIM: This registry study aimed to evaluate the use of Pycnogenol (pine bark extract), an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-edema natural compound, on symptoms of common[] - compounds that prevent or repair the damage caused by reactive oxygen species RDA - recommended dietary allowance.[]

  • Pseudomonas

    This indicates that this type of compound exercises its anti-biofilm activity specifically through the PQS pathway.[] Contamination results in health hazards from toxic compound production as well as unpleasant odours and flavours.[] Siderophores are low-molecular-mass compounds (600-1500 Da) that scavenge iron (Fe(3 )) ions (usually with extremely high affinity) from the environment under iron-limiting[]

  • Depressed Skull Fracture

    Abstract Although compound depressed skull fractures are common and their management and diagnosis have been described at length, their occurrence following dog bites is unusual[] Abstract Two cases of Clostridium perfringens infection occurring less than 24 hours after compound depressed skull fracture are reported.[] Abstract We describe an exceptional case of a frontal convexity chondroma arising at the site of a compound depressed skull fracture operated on 12 years earlier.[]

  • Fungal Meningitis

    The lack of a clear definition of "compounding pharmacy" further obscures proper oversight and regulation.[] Cadden, owner and head pharmacist of New England Compounding Center (NECC) and NECC’s supervisory pharmacist Glenn A.[] Articles focused on clinical response, outbreak investigation, and epidemiology were included, whereas articles focused on compounding pharmacies, legislation and litigation[]

  • Odontoma

    RESULTS: Of the 69 cases, 49 were compound odontoma and 20 were complex odontoma. There was a female predilection for both compound and complex odontomas.[] The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on odontomas of the primary dentition and discuss the management of a compound odontoma in a pediatric patient.[] Keywords Odontoma Compound Maxilla Tooth-like This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.[]

  • Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

    Compound heterozygotes with both FDB and FH are unusual, with only three reports of compound heterozygotes in the literature ( 5 )( 6 )( 7 ).[] Clinically, the proband was of a compound heterozygous genotype and her parents were of the simple heterozygous genotype.[] The proband was thus a compound heterozygote for both FH and FDB.[]

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