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2,986 Possible Causes for condensation

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    An initial CT scan revealed pulmonary condensation with associated cavitation and an iliopsoas mass suggestive of a psoas abscess.[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    These cells have irregular nuclei, often with nucleoli, but usually with condensed chromatin to distinguish them from blast cells.[]

  • Status Asthmaticus

    All participants completed the exhaled breath condensate collection without complications.[] OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the safety and feasibility of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) collection in children recovering from status asthmaticus (SA) in a pediatric intensive[] Hughes, “Chemical and Biological Analysis of Marijuana Smoke Condensate,” In: C. N. Chiang and R. L.[]

  • Foscarnet

    The purified condensation product was de-tritylated resulting in 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidylyl-(5'-- 2-O)-3-O-octadecyl-sn-glycerol, followed by treatment with (ethoxycarbonyl[] […] [email protected] Abstract To prepare a new antiviral duplex drug linking Zidovudine (AZT) and Foscarnet (PFA) via a lipophilic octadecylglycerol residue we condensed[]

  • Propionic Acidemia

    These metabolites may be produced as a result of the self-condensation of propionyl-CoA.[] Investigation by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) revealed the excretion of fairly high amounts of 2-methyl-3-oxovaleric acid, a condensation[]

  • Low Protein Diet

    In addition, the urine contained 3-oxo-2-methylvaleric acid and 3-hydroxy-2-methylvaleric acid, probably formed by condensation of two molecules of propionyl-CoA.[]

  • Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance

    Histopathologic findings revealed infiltration with plasma cells containing accumulated condensed intercisternal immunoglobulins, the so-called 'Russell bodies'.[]

  • Chronic Pain

    A condensation of meaning-units revealed a variation in subthemes: the body in pain, striving to preserve self and self-fulfilment.[]

  • Poland Syndrome

    All injected fat tissues were condensed by squeezing centrifugation. Operations were performed four times with intervals over 6 months.[] In conclusion, higher condensation of fat tissues through squeezing centrifugation would help to achieve better results in volume maintenance and reduce complications.[]

  • Primaquine

    PQ-CAD amides 3a - k were prepared by a simple one-step condensation reaction of PQ with a series of CAD chlorides (method A) or benzotriazolides 2 (method B).[] The synthesis of acylsemicarbazides 7a - k included activation of PQ with benzotriazole, preparation of PQ-semicarbazide 6 and its condensation with CAD chlorides 4 .[]

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