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2,313 Possible Causes for Confusion, Constricted Pupils, Headache, Photosensitivity

  • Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder

    Safety assessments indicated that tasimelteon is well tolerated, with the most common adverse events being headache, alanine aminotransferase elevation, nightmares or unusual[] It generally follows shortly after loss or removal of a person’s eyes, as the photosensitive ganglion cells in the retina are also removed.[] As your sleep pattern drifts a little later every day, Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Rhythm can be confused with other circadian rhythm disorders.[] The brightest light of an indirect ophthalmoscope did not elicit pupillary constriction, although corneal opacification precluded examination of the pupils in three patients[]

  • Malignant Glioma

    This report describes two patients who presented with headache and signs of multifocal neurological disease. One of the patients had neurofibromatosis type I.[] RESULTS: Photosensitization transduced FITC-conjugated albumin into cells.[] General symptoms include headache, confusion, change in personality, nausea, loss of balance or coordination, memory loss, blurred vision or other visual abnormalities, and[] A 54-year-old woman presenting with seizures, headache, and changes in mental status was found to have vascular narrowing in cerebral blood vessels and ischemic lesions on[]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    The headache recurred with findings of cerebellar ataxia and obstructive hydrocephalus.[] The prevalence of serositis was also higher and photosensitivity less.[] The clinical triad of mild confusion, ataxia and ophthalmoplegia also raised the possibility of Wernicke's encephalopathy (WE).[] When these two conditions happened to have similar clinical spectrum features, the confusion with each other occurred.[]

    Missing: Constricted Pupils
  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    AEs in three or more patients included: abdominal pain, headache, nasopharyngitis, nausea and vomiting.[] Differential diagnoses for variagate porphyria and hereditary coproporphyria also include photosensitivity.[] RESULTS: All patients identified prodromal symptoms that began days prior to acute severe pain; the most common included confusion ("brain fog"), irritability, and fatigue[] The majority of patients exhibit acute attacks, while 20% can also present with skin-related symptoms, such as photosensitivity and blistering skin lesions.[]

    Missing: Constricted Pupils
  • Migraine

    What is a migraine headache? A migraine headache is a type of headache that tends to recur in an individual and causes moderate to severe pain.[] Along with the head pain, symptoms such as severe nausea, vomiting, photosensitivity, blurriness of vision and sweating are also accompanied.[] A middle-aged man presented with intermittent episodes of a brief sensation of explosion in the head, visual flashing, vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, confusion, ataxia,[] […] as the pain (ipsilaterally): Red eye (conjunctival injection) Eyelid swelling (edema) Forehead and facial sweating Tearing (lacrimation) Abnormal small size of the pupil (miosis[]

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Other symptoms include sore throat, fever, muscle weakness, headache, and joint pain A syndrome characterized by persistent or recurrent fatigue, diffuse musculoskeletal pain[] They include gastrointestinal, pain, nausea, photosensitivity, respiratory and skin issues, and weight changes.[] […] any four of a number of characteristic symptoms, defined as mild fever, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, headache, sleep disorders, confusion[] This may oppose the constricting action of direct pupil illumination and produce the fluctuating response in many and a more significant but delayed dilatation in others.[]

  • Cinchonism

    Cinchonism is an adverse reaction to the antiprotozoal drug quinine, manifested by headaches, auditory and visual deficits, as well as tinnitus.[] […] include flushed and sweaty skin, tinnitus , blurred vision, impaired hearing, confusion, reversible high-frequency hearing loss, headache, abdominal pain, rashes, lichenoid photosensitivity[] […] ko-nizm ] toxicity due to overdosage of cinchona alkaloids; symptoms are tinnitus and slight deafness, photophobia and other visual disturbances, mental dullness, depression, confusion[] […] e.g. m-block causes mydriasis whereas alpha block causes miosis. So how will patient present (Not just for pupillary presentation, but as a whole)???[]

  • Uveitis

    RESULTS: A 30-year-old man presented with headaches, ocular pain, photophobia, and blurred vision.[] Photosensitivity: Light, especially sunlight, worsens the discomfort, particularly with exacerbations. Redness: Patients may describe having an injected eye.[] So while it can be somewhat confusing, do remember that uveitis is an umbrella term for a spectrum of different inflammatory conditions affecting one or more parts of the[] , sluggish pupil.[]

  • Variegate Porphyria

    Haug Browse recently published Learning/CME Learning/CME View all learning/CME CME Case 3-2019: A 70-Year-Old Woman with Fever, Headache, and Progressive Encephalopathy Caplacizumab[] His cutaneous photosensitivity had been worsening for 3 years before the emergence of cholecystitis and it then gradually improved after cholecystectomy and ursodeoxycholic[] For a long time, this disease has caused confusion among the porphyrias because it presents with clinical symptoms and biochemical findings that can be similar to those found[] الصفحة 358 - Ocular signs of cerebral involvement include the following: nystagmus, unilateral mydriasis, bilateral miosis with slow response to light, paralysis of accommodation[]

  • Malaria

    Although fever represents the cardinal feature, clinical findings in malaria are extremely diverse and may range in severity from mild headache to serious complications leading[] Doxycycline users are more likely to have dyspepsia, photosensitivity, vomiting, and vaginal thrush ( very low‐certainty evidence ).[] P knowlesi may be confused with either P falciparum or P malariae at different stages.[] , (%) 12 (4.7) 3 (3.5) 0.77* 4 (5.1) 1.00* Pupillary sizes, (%) Constricted 42 (16.5) 6 (7.1) 0.03 8 (10.3) 0.18 Dilated 41 (16.2) 24 (28.6) 0.01 19 (24.4) 0.10 Unequal 3[]

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