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227 Possible Causes for Confusion, Fecal Impaction, Rectal Pain

  • Constipation

    Both hypertension and neurologic dysfunction resolved after resolution of fecal impaction.[] Sexually active females presenting with rectal pain and complaints should be screened for CT infection of the rectum.[] […] bowels, people with constipation may experience the following symptoms: Pain and cramping Swelling in the abdomen Appetite loss Nausea and vomiting Not being able to urinate Confusion[]

  • Fecal Impaction

    The treatment of fecal impaction requires both the remedy of the impaction and treatment to prevent future recurrences.[] Rectal pain. Abdominal cramping. Nausea. Other possible symptoms include:Bladder pressure or loss of bladder control. Lower back pain.[] Call 911 immediately if you have trouble breathing, a fast or irregular heartbeat , or are dizzy or confused.[]

  • Anal Fissure

    Fecal impaction inside the colon may require emergency surgery to resolve it [ link ]. How large is too large?[] Pain from conditions that cause rectal pain can be treated by condition.[] , black stools or unusually light-colored stools Vomiting of blood Abdominal swelling Prolonged generalized itching Swollen feet or legs Red palms Sleep disturbances and confusion[]

  • Rectal Pain

    impaction which leads to excruciating rectal pain.[] A discussion of rectal pain is included, and it is speculated that some forms of rectal pain, especially those classified as proctalgia fugax or rectal neuralgia, may be due[] Patients (and doctors) often confuse this small lump with a painful hemorrhoid. The only time an internal hemorrhoid can cause pain is if it thromboses (clots).[]

  • Hemorrhoidectomy

    Complications within 30 days of surgery included two cases of urine retention, two cases bleeding, one wound infection and one case of fecal impaction, which all resolved[] pain.[] To add to the confusion about which code to use, you can apply either code when an internal or external hemorrhoid is excised.[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Complications of surgery Late complications  Anal stenosis  Anal fissure  Fecal impaction  Mild incontinence  Submucous abscess  Delayed bleeding  Skin tags  Recurrence[] Anal melanoma is a devastating malignancy easily confused with benign hemorrhoids.[] Rectal pain. It may be painful to clean the anal area.[]

  • Rectal Obstruction

    Karger AG, Basel Background Fecal impaction occurs when a large amount of fecal matter gets compacted and cannot be evacuated spontaneously [ 1 ].[] Two months later, the patient again presented to our gastroenterology clinic with increasing rectal pain, constipation, and rectal bleeding.[] For it may be confused with malignancy, particularly in patients with mucosal involvement.[]

  • Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome

    Isolated rectal ulcers are caused by ischemia, solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS), radiation, or fecal impaction.[] A 15-year-old boy with Marshall-Smith syndrome presented with increased frequency and urgency of stooling, hematochezia, and rectal pain.[] […] rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS) are well documented, the heterogeneous endoscopic appearance of lesions that the syndrome produces and its rare incidence may make for clinical confusion[]

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Rectum

    كرون ) vascular : Abdominal angina - Mesenteric ischemia - Angiodysplasia Bowel obstruction : انسداد امعاء Ileus - انغلاف انغلاف Intussusception - Volvulus - انحشاربرازي Fecal[] By the end of October 2009, Tiffany was experiencing extreme fatigue, severe constipation, and progressively worsening rectal pain and pressure.[] Other symptoms include: Small lumps seen or felt around the anus which could be confused with piles An increase in the number or size of piles Pain in the anal area – affects[]

  • Polyps

    كرون ) vascular : Abdominal angina - Mesenteric ischemia - Angiodysplasia Bowel obstruction : انسداد امعاء Ileus - انغلاف انغلاف Intussusception - Volvulus - انحشاربرازي Fecal[] On rare occasions, patients may experience rectal bleeding, pain, diarrhea, and constipation associated with the presence of colon polyps.[] Also call right away if you have any signs of possible problems such as: Abnormal vision Swelling around your eyes Confusion or loss of alertness Key points about nasal polyps[]

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