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2,030 Possible Causes for Confusion, High Fever, Tremor

  • Dementia

    It may progress to severe memory loss, confusion, hallucinations, delusions, tremors, impaired speech, motor dysfunction and difficulty in eating.[] Reversible conditions with symptoms of dementia can be caused by a high fever, dehydration, vitamin deficiency and poor nutrition, bad reactions to medicines, problems with[] Compare it to someone who has a fever: the person is ill from the fever, but the high temperature does not explain the cause or why this person is ill.[]

  • Typhus

    On the 5th day of illness he developed intermittent resting tremor in his right arm and leg associated with stiffness, difficulty in carrying out normal work and difficulty[] This confusion often creates problems for travelers as they prepare to depart. What is Typhoid?[] We present a 55-year-old man experiencing acute onset bilateral limb tremor, rigidity, and myoclonus with small-stepped gait, and skin rash involving the trunk and limbs,[]

  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

    Other extrapyramidal movement disorders such as tremor and cogwheel phenomena are also frequently present.[] One day later, high fever unexplained by infection appeared associated with restlessness, confusion, convulsion, leukocytosis, and extreme serum creatine kinase levels.[] A 57-year-old man was admitted to a psychiatric ward in a confused state.[]

  • West Nile Encephalitis

    A 57-year-old Caucasian woman presented with fever, dizziness, balance difficulties, vomiting, dancing eye, altered speech, tremor, generalized myoclonus and failure to rise[] See a doctor if you develop symptoms such as high fever, confusion, muscle weakness, severe headache, or stiff neck.[] Your child is confused or cannot think clearly.[]

  • Organophosphate Poisoning

    The presence of rigidity, tremors, dystonia and chorea were assessed daily till discharge using modifications of the Unified Parkinson's Disease rating scale and the Tremor[] On the 13th day, she demonstrated coma, high fever (41.0 degrees C) and lead-pipe rigidity. Serum CPK was increased (1631 IU.L-1).[] Nicotinic and muscarinic Ach receptors in theAch receptors in the CNS sympathetic system• Confusion • Excessive sweating• Agitation Other effects• Respiratory failure• Ataxia[]

  • St. Louis Encephalitis

    Tremors were common (56% of cases). There were three deaths. Age-group distribution showed a predominance among 45 and older.[] Severe Symptoms: Headache High fever Neck stiffness Stupor Disorientation Coma Tremors Additional Resources: California Department of Public Health: St Louis Encephalitis[] SLEV infections can be unrecognized or confused with other ones caused by an arbovirus, such as dengue.[]

  • Japanese Encephalitis

    […] ranging from moderate with a headache and low-grade fever to more severe infection with high fever, meningeal syndrome (neck stiffness, vomiting), disorientation and sometimes tremors[] The first symptom was general malaise with high fever. The diagnosis of meningoencephalitis was made by spinal tap and clinical presentation.[] Initially, a flu-like illness may occur, which may progress to brain swelling, resulting in symptoms such as high fever, confusion, convulsions, headache, neck stiffness and[]

  • Metabolic Encephalopathy

    Symptoms Symptoms of metabolic encephalopthy include: Confusion or agitation Disorientation Insomnia Forgetfulness Tremor (flapping tremor of the hands) Difficulty in speaking[] A 68-year-old man was admitted to our ward after experiencing general malaise, nausea and vomiting and then high fever and lethargy.[] These include patients with known diabetes who experience symptoms of confusion due to low blood sugar.[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

    The characteristic tremor is an intention tremor: at rest there is no tremor, but when you ask the patient to extend their hands or arms you will see a fine motor tremor ([] . — Daniel Henninger, WSJ , "Kavanaugh and the Culture Wars," 11 July 2018 Symptoms of heat stroke include high fever; dry, red skin; rapid and weak pulse and breathing; convulsions[] Eighteen patients with AWD were diagnosed by Confusion assessment method for ICU score. Treatment, complications, length of stay (LOS) in ICU and hospital were recorded.[]

  • Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria

    […] following symptoms: clouding of consciousness, inappropriate speech or behavior, visual hallucination, catatonia with waxy flexibility, generalized convulsion, fine postural tremor[] We report the case of a patient who developed high fever, then respiratory distress during a trip to Haiti who was admitted to our hospital and diagnosed with malaria.[] […] of IgG and IgM antibodies in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) against multiple viruses and bacteria reflected a non-specific polyclonal B cell activation and was more confusing[]

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