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419 Possible Causes for Confusion, Lip Cyanosis

  • Pneumonia

    A patient's mental state may be confused or delirious.[] If the infections progresses quickly, the lips may turn a bluish color and confusion or delirium may occur due to a lack of oxygen.[] Less common symptoms include coughing up blood, headaches, tiredness, feeling or being sick, wheezing, muscle pain and confusion. What are the symptoms of pneumonia?[]

  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    This term is a bit confusing because there is no infection despite having the word pneumonia in the phrase.[] If you think you could be suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)—or even if you’ve already been diagnosed—you may feel confused and overwhelmed.[] Breathing that is harder, faster, or shallower (you are unable to take a deep breath) To lean forward when sitting to breathe comfortably Frequent headaches Sleepiness or confusion[]

  • Methemoglobinemia

    Lip cyanosis in dapsone therapy: Should the dosage be reduced? MMW Fortschr Med 2012;154:32. 13. Sanyal T, Chakraborty S.[] The resultant tissue hypoxia from MetHgb caused profound confusion, cyanosis, and myocardial infarction.[] Recognition of acquired methemoglobinemia The signs of methemoglobinemia depend on the degree of methemoglobin present. 10-20% – cyanosis, blue or gray appearing skin, lips[]

  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Cyanosis (blue skin, lips, and nails caused by lack of oxygen to the tissues) is often seen.[] There may also be signs, such as confusion or low blood pressure, that the vital organs aren't getting enough oxygen.[] Symptoms of ARDS Symptoms of ARDS can include: severe shortness of breath rapid, shallow breathing tiredness, drowsiness or confusion feeling faint When to get urgent medical[]

  • Hypoxia

    The most common symptom of hypoxia is cyanosis , a bluish cast to the skin, lips and/or fingernails.[] Severe symptoms include: The inability to communicate Confusion Possible coma or death Other associated symptoms also may be present.[] […] sharp, genein, to produce inadequate oxygen tension at the cellular level, characterized by tachycardia, hypertension, peripheral vasoconstriction, dizziness, and mental confusion[]

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    Pink-colored to red sputum (hemoptysis) Bluish tinge of the lips, fingers and/or toes (cyanosis) Causes Aspiration pneumonia is unlikely to arise in a healthy person who is[] […] mass index, Mini Nutritional Assessment-Short Form score, Barthel Index score, Charlson Comorbidity Index score, and pneumonia severity (Japanese version of the CURB-65 (C (confusion[] You are confused or cannot think clearly. You have more trouble breathing, or your breathing seems faster than normal. When should I contact my healthcare provider?[]

  • High Altitude Pulmonary Edema

    Poor judgement Breathlessness during rest Rapid heart rate (90 to 100 bpm at rest) Blue/grey lips or fingernails (cyanosis) Fever of up to 101.3 F/38.5 C Profuse perspiration[] The heart rate is usually over 120 per minute, the pulse may be very weak and the lips and fingernail beds may be blue (cyanosis).[] HAPE may be confused with asthma, acute bronchitis, heart failure, mucus plugging, myocardial infarction, pneumonia, and pulmonary embolus.[]

  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    This includes blue appearance of the nail beds or lips (cyanosis).[] Community-acquired pneumonia is common in the elderly person; its presentation in this population is often confounded by multiple comorbid illnesses, including those that result in confusion[] , especially among older persons loss of appetite sweating Older adults will share all the symptoms with younger adults, but are much more likely to experience confusion[]

  • Fat Embolism

    She then becomes confused and disoriented to place and time. She develops weakness on the right arm that resolves after a few hours. There is no petechial rash seen.[] CNS symptoms: confusion, restlessness, stupor, delirium Skin symptoms: petechiae along the anterior axillary folds and in the conjunctiva and retina.[] […] pulmonary vessels petechiae in neck, chest, and axilla occlusion of dermal capillaries by fat emboli resolves in 5-7 days altered mental status occlusion of neurological vessels confusion[]

  • Legionnaires' Disease

    […] characterized initially by symptoms resembling influenza (as malaise, headache, and muscular aches) followed by high fever, cough, diarrhea, lobar pneumonia, and mental confusion[] Extra pulmonary symptoms were frequent: confusion and headache occurred in 34.9% and gastrointestinal symptoms in 20.9%.[] […] symptoms of the flu: high temperature, feverishness and chills; cough; muscle pains; headache; and leading on to pneumonia, very occasionally diarrhoea and signs of mental confusion[]

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