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254 Possible Causes for Confusion, Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis

  • Dehydration

    There is any other change in the person's alertness (for example, confusion or seizures). The person has a fever over 102 F (38.8 C).[] Complications may include irreversible shock, sagittal or other venous sinus thrombosis, intractable seizures, and renal failure. Bettari L, Fiuzat M, Shaw LK, et al.[] […] yellow urine Dry, cool skin Headache Muscle cramps Signs of severe dehydration: Not urinating, or very dark yellow or amber-colored urine Dry, shriveled skin Irritability or confusion[]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    (33%), motor deficits in 3 (33%), language difficulties in 2 (22%), sensory deficits in 2 (22%), visual field deficits in 2 (22%), psychiatric manifestations in 2 (22%), confusion[] Confusion. Personality changes. Symptoms related to hormonal changes if you have a pituitary tumour. These symptoms tend to develop gradually.[] […] and more severe New onset of seizures Gradual loss of sensation or movement in an arm or a leg Difficulty with balance Difficulty speaking Personality or behavior changes Confusion[]

  • Brain Abscess

    The independent factor associated with death outcome identified by multivariate analysis was confusion (odds ratio 7.67, 95% CI 1.95-30.14; p   0.003).[] A 49-year old man with mild psoriasis presented with a two-week history of gait changes, generalized weakness and a two-day history of headaches, aphasia and confusion.[] On the seventh day post-surgery, she presented a sudden neurological deterioration with a meningeal syndrome, confusion, and fever of 39.8 C.[]

  • Cerebral Vein Thrombosis

    Cerebral vein thrombosis, also called superior sagittal sinus thrombosis, is a well recognized clinical and radiologic entity associated with a variety of medical disorders[] Bizarre behaviour, confusion and adversive seizures occurred later.[] […] children, cerebral sinovenous thrombosis, dural sinus thrombosis, sagittal sinus thrombosis, and sinus thrombosis.[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    Level 4-- Confused/Agitated: Person is extremely agitated and confused.[] This is further confused because incidence rates are calculated only from the number of hospitalized cases or fatalities.[] The Glasgow Coma Scale Best Visual Response Best Verbal Response Best Motor Response None To pain To speech Spontaneous None Incomprehensible Inappropriate words Confused[]

  • Cerebral Thrombosis

    , cerebral sinovenous thrombosis , dural sinus thrombosis , sagittal sinus thrombosis , and sinus thrombosis .[] We report a fatal case with a confusing neurologic picture arising from this complication.[] The person may also appear confused, apathetic and display poor judgment. For most, the left side of the brain is the dominant side.[]

  • Intracerebral Hematoma

    He was admitted to our emergency department with complaints of fever and confusion.[] Intracranial hematoma secondary to superior sagittal sinus thrombosis is a well described, but rare event.[] This 56-year-old man presented with postoperative confusion. The cause is local injury.[]

  • Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

    The list of complications provided in an article by Mueller regarding internal jugular vein thrombosis included pulmonary embolism, subclavian vein and superior sagittal sinus[] Decreased level of consciousness, confusion, seizures, and focal neurologic deficits are signs of CNS spread.[] Despite the use of the term sinus the cavernous sinuses should not be confused with the maxillary or frontal sinuses, which can be affected by sinusitis.[]

  • Skull Fracture

    BACKGROUND AND IMPORTANCE: Pulmonary embolus (PE) occurring concurrent with-and as a result of-traumatic superior sagittal sinus thrombosis (SSST) has never before been reported[] […] caused by MVAs, falls, assault, sports, occupational accidents and other forms of blunt trauma Clinical Headache, bleeding from wounds and orifices, loss of consciousness, confusion[] A doctor should always be notified if someone has headaches, dizziness, confusion, or any symptoms of a skull fracture following a blow or injury to the skull.[]

  • Head Injury

    Repeat CT revealed sinus thrombosis that involved the posterior aspect of the superior sagittal sinus with a massive brain edema.[] More than half (56%) screened positive for mTBI, defined as at least one instance in which they experienced a change in consciousness or a period of being dazed and confused[] The effects of concussion can leave people with symptoms including dizziness, nausea, confusion or an inability to process or retain information, sensitivity to light, and[]

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