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498 Possible Causes for Congenital Renal Anomaly, Low Set Ears

  • Turner Syndrome

    Patients with Turner syndrome are at increased risk for a number of medical issues including renal anomalies (most common horseshoe kidneys), hearing impairment, and congenital[] Other characteristics, like widely spaced nipples or low-set ears, also may lead to a suspicion of Turner syndrome.[] […] posterior hairline Low hairline at back of neck 0002162 Low-set ears Low set ears Lowset ears [ more ] 0000369 Micrognathia Little lower jaw Small jaw Small lower jaw [ more[]

  • Patau Syndrome

    It leads to a variety of abnormalities that include mental retardation, microcephaly, low-set ears, eye structural defects, polydactyly, and limb abnormalities The presence[] Other birth defects of trisomy 13 include: Clenched hands Cleft lip or palate Extra fingers or toes (polydactyly) Hernias Kidney, wrist, or scalp problems Low-set ears Small[] Cutis aplasia (missing portion of the skin/hair) Prominent heel Microcephaly Low-set ears Cleft palate or hare lip Collection Procedure • Amniotic fluid Discard the first[]

  • Renal Agenesis

    Congenital renal anomalies can be isolated or part of a syndrome. Renal agenesis can develop as a component of a syndrome or as an isolated anomaly.[] […] little fluid can cause compression of the fetus resulting in further malformations and problems such as growth retardation; pulmonary hypoplasia (underdeveloped lungs); low-set[] Prevalence and 1 year outcome of severe congenital renal anomalies. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal. 2011;96:Fa18–9.[]

  • Bilateral Renal Agenesis

    An increased prevalence of congenital renal anomalies was identified in the relatives of index patients with bilateral renal agenesis/adysplasia (14.7%) compared to controls[] […] displayed dysmorphic features of hypertelorism, a prominent glabella, epicanthic fold, a stubby nose with a depressed nasal bridge, anteverted nares, thin lips, micrognathia, low-set[] Prevalence and 1 year outcome of severe congenital renal anomalies. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal. 2011;96:Fa18–9.[]

  • Trisomy 18

    […] bowel containing omphalocoele : 20-25% congenital diaphragmatic hernia : 10% renal anomalies antenatal hydronephrosis urethral duplication horseshoe kidney : 20% 3 Markers[] During ultrasonographic examination, we discovered that her fetus had several important abnormalities, including a cystic hygroma, craniofacial defects (low-set ears, broad[] Symptoms Clenched hands Crossed legs (preferred position) Feet with a rounded bottom (rocker-bottom feet) Low birth weight Low-set ears Mental deficiency Small head ( microcephaly[]

  • CHARGE Syndrome

    renal anomalies coronal clival cleft 7 CHARGE syndrome is thought to occur due to a disturbance in embryonic differentiation 35 th to 45 th day of gestation.[] Ear abnormalities and deafness – most children with CHARGE syndrome have some level of hearing impairment, varying from mild to profound, along with underdeveloped or low-set[] The patient had multi-organ anomalies: right facial palsy, a left short, wide ear with a small lobe, congenital heart defects, such as ASD and PDA, left renal atresia, seizure[]

  • Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

    The child's presentation involved dysmorphic features as well as unilateral renal agenesis, a myelomeningocele, and minor genitourinary anomalies.[] […] syn·drome ( rū'bĭn-stīn tā'bē ), mental retardation, broad thumb and great toe, antimongoloid slant to the eyes, thin and beaked nose, microcephaly, prominent forehead, low-set[] […] heart disease in approximately 35% of patients Reported anomalies include: ventricular and atrial septal defects, patent ductus arteriosus, coarctation of aorta, pulmonic[]

  • Velocardiofacial Syndrome

    Frequent Clinical Findings in 22q11.2 Feature Frequency Developmental delay 90% Congenital heart disease 76% Palatal defects 76% Immunodeficiency 77% Hypocalcemia 49% Renal[] […] eyes, hypertelorism or low-set ears.[] Long face with prominent upper jaw Underdeveloped lower jaw Low set ears Prominent nose with narrow nasal passages Thin upper lip with a down-slanted mouth Multiple abnormalities[]

  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome

    Congenital cardiac abnormalities such as valvular defects, septal anomalies, and tetralogy of Fallot identifiable by echocardiographic changes have also been reported. 1 ,[] ears, and brachydactyly.[] […] polyembolokoilamania (insertion of objects into bodily orifices), and onychotillomania (pulling out fingernails and toenails). 9 Less frequently seen features include cleft lip/palate, renal[]

  • Noonan Syndrome

    Hortling H (1955) Congenital kidney anomalies in Turner's syndrome. Acta Endocrinol 18: 548–552 PubMed Google Scholar 6.[] . - It is difficult to look high in the sky at noon, therefore everything is down in NOONan syndrome- Low set ears, Downslanting eyes, Low posterior hair line, Low levels[] Signs and Symptoms: Distinctive facial features: widely set eyes, low set ears.[]

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