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19 Possible Causes for Congenital Toxoplasmosis, Ebola Virus Disease, Lassa Fever

  • Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever

    Congenital lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus syndrome: a disease that mimics congenital toxoplasmosis or Cytomegalovirus infection.[] Ebola virus. Electron micrograph courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[] VHF has many similarities to Lassa fever and to the arenavirus hemorrhagic fevers that occur in Argentina and Bolivia.[]

  • Congenital Enterovirus Infection

    , microcephaly 742.1 due to toxoplasmosis (congenital) 771.2 Microphthalmos (congenital) 743.10 due to toxoplasmosis (congenital) 771.2 Poliomyelitis (acute) (anterior) (epidemic[] With the recent Ebola-related deaths in the United States, there is some suggestion that pregnant women may be more susceptible to severe disease and death from Ebola.[] Others Other viruses such as hepatitis C, Japanese B encephalitis, LCM virus and lassa fever have rarely been reported to cause congenital infections.[]

  • Sepsis of Newborn due to Other and Unspecified Streptococci

    […] tuberculosis P37.1 Congenital toxoplasmosis Hydrocephalus due to congenital toxoplasmosis P37.2 Neonatal (disseminated) listeriosis P37.3 Congenital falciparum malaria P37.4[] A98.3 Marburg virus disease A98.4 Ebola virus disease A98.5 Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome A98.8 Other specified viral hemorrhagic fevers A99 Unspecified viral hemorrhagic[] […] infectious and parasitic diseases P370 Congenital tuberculosis P371 Congenital toxoplasmosis P372 Neonatal (disseminated) listeriosis P373 Congenital falciparum malaria P374[]

  • Thickened Earlobes-Conductive Deafness Syndrome

    Toxoplasmosis ... hearing loss D Deafness ... hearing impairment DiGeorge's syndrome ... misshapen ear lobes Discoid lupus erythematosus ... internal ear rash Down Syndrome[] Eales disease[?] Ear, patella, short stature syndrome[?] Earlobes thickened conductive deafness[?] Early infantile autism Ebola virus disease[?] Ebstein's anomaly[?][] , 4 X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy Amelogenesis imperfecta local hypoplastic Congenital toxoplasmosis Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Ring chromosome 20 Spondyloepimetaphyseal[]

  • Congenital Herpes Simplex Infection

    , microcephaly 742.1 due to toxoplasmosis (congenital) 771.2 Microphthalmos (congenital) 743.10 due to toxoplasmosis (congenital) 771.2 Poliomyelitis (acute) (anterior) (epidemic[] Classification Medically Important Viruses Two nurses standing near Mayinga N'Seka, a nurse with Ebola virus disease in the 1976 outbreak in Zaire.[] virus disease Echocardiogram Ectopic beats Ectopic pregnancy Ectropion Eczema (atopic) Eczema (contact dermatitis) Eczema (discoid) Eczema (varicose) Edwards' syndrome (trisomy[]

  • Cataract

    Congenital infections with herpes simplex, rubella , toxoplasmosis , syphilis , and cytomegalic inclusion disease may also result in cataracts.[] KEYWORDS: Cataract; Ebola virus disease; Ebolavirus; Global Health; Ophthalmology; Uveitis[] Congenital infections with herpes simplex, rubella, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, and cytomegalic inclusion disease may also result in cataracts.[]

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

    Syndrome Acute Syndrome(s) in Adults Disease(s), Syndrome(s), or Clinical Feature Frequency of Occurrence of Outcomes a Delay Between Acute Infection and Onset of Outcomes b Toxoplasmosis[] virus disease - website Avian influenza A(H7N9) virus Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza at the Human-Animal Interface[] Epidemiologic and Clinical Features of Lassa Fever Outbreak in Nigeria, January 1–May 6, 2018.[]

  • Measles

    Congenitally acquired CMV is included as one of the TORCHS, an acronym for frequently occurring infectious teratogens (toxoplasmosis, rubella, CMV, herpes simplex, and syphilis[] […] interpret relevant data on communicable diseases NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNICABLE DISEASES CONFIRMED CASE OF EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE IN UGANDA READ MORE NO INFLUENZA OUTBREAK[] *** Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus - - - - - - NP NP Ebola virus - - - - - - 4 NP Guanarito virus - - - - - - NP NP Junin virus - - - - - - NP NP Lassa virus - - -[]

  • Cat Scratch Meningoencephalitis

    The greatest risk is to pregnant women, who could pass the infection on to their unborn baby, potentially causing brain damage and blindness, but severe congenital toxoplasmosis[] Rickettsia rickettsii In which disease does there frequently occur a fast-growing tumor of the jaw? a. Ebola b. Infectious mononucleosis c. Chikungunya fever d.[] fever Lassa virus (family Arenaviridae, genus Arenavirus ) Wild rodents, usually multimammate mouse West Africa Contact with rodent excretions, secretions, or tissues; aerosols[]

  • Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis

    HIV HIV Atrophy BG Ca Aneurysmal changes (vasculopathy) 7 DDx: Childhood Brain Ca CMV Toxoplasmosis Congenital HIV DDx 8 Congenital Herpes Severe atrophy BG Ca Hemorrhage[] Nearly 10% of the population of 50,000 succumbed to the disease. Mékambo in Gabon is the site of several outbreaks of Ebola virus disease.[] Periventricular Calcification Congenital CMV ToxoplasmosisLCMPseudo-TORCH CMV Microcephaly Ca 40-70% Gyral changes Cerebellar hypoplasia Hydrocephaly Hypodensities Abnormal WM 5 CMV 6 Congenital[]