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45 Possible Causes for Congestive Heart Failure, Round Face in Infancy, Short Stature

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1

    Short stature was demonstrated in 3 of 4 patients with GSD1b and GH deficiency.[] Infants have a round “doll” face.[] Congestive heart failure, respiratory failure, and/or aspiration pneumonia are the most frequent causes of death, which usually occurs within 1 year [1].[]

  • Barth Syndrome

    Barth syndrome is a severe inherited disorder, often fatal in childhood, characterized by cardiac and skeletal myopathy, short stature and neutropenia.[] In early childhood, the face is round with full cheeks and an overall “cherubic” appearance (see Figure 8 ), whereas after the first decade and especially after puberty, the[] Children with Barth syndrome can develop serious heart problems including congestive heart failure, heart muscle weakness ( cardiomyopathy ) and serious arrhythmias .[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 3

    Some individuals have short stature and noncancerous (benign) tumors called adenomas in the liver.[] Infants have a round “doll” face.[] heart failure.[]

  • Mowat-Wilson Syndrome

    Patients can show a variety of other anomalies like short stature, microcephaly, Hirschsprung disease, malformations of the brain, seizures, congenital heart defects and urogenital[] Congestive Heart Failure where the heart is unable to pump out blood that is enough to the body that will lead to many problems if the disease is not managed well.[] In infancy, there are excess nuchal skin, a rounded skull shape, a sparse fine hair and a puffy anterior neck; the face is square shaped with high forehead, frontal bossing[]

  • Disproportionate Short Stature - Ptosis - Valvular Heart Lesions

    MalaCards based summary : Disproportionate Short Stature with Ptosis and Valvular Heart Lesions, is also known as short stature-valvular heart disease-characteristic facies[] 50–65 ASD, VSD, PDA, LSVC, aortic atresia, dextrocardia, TOF, tricuspid atresia 22, 154 Deletion 5p (cri-du-chat) Catlike cry, prenatal and postnatal growth retardation, round[] Occasionally, a congenitally bicuspid aortic valve may be the cause of critical aortic stenosis, with symptoms of severe congestive heart failure developing in early infancy[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease due to GLUT2 Deficiency

    stature) persist into adulthood.[] Infants have a round “doll” face.[] heart failure Arrhythmia Variant with no cardiac involvement: Longer survival Liver involvement Pulmonary: Pneumonia Motor Hypotonia (88%) Respiratory distress (80%) Weakness[]

  • Metaphyseal Acroscyphodysplasia

    We present an adolescent with Metaphyseal acroscyphodysplasia (Bellini disease), characterized by severe short stature with accelerated bone maturation, micromelia predominating[] Round face Wide anterior fontanel Rhizomelia Coxa vara Relative macrocephaly Thoracolumbar scoliosis Feeding difficulties Breech presentation Lumbar scoliosis Dentinogenesis[] Total More information Patient Medical History Cardiovascular Abnormal Electrocardiogram Aortic Stenosis Atrial fibrillation Cardiac arrest Chest pain Congestive heart failure[]

  • Goldberg-Shprintzen Syndrome

    Key overlapping features with Baraitser-Winter syndrome include intellectual disability, microcephaly, congenital ptosis, high-arched eyebrows, ocular coloboma and short stature[] In infancy, there are excess nuchal skin, a rounded skull shape, a sparse fine hair and a puffy anterior neck; the face is square shaped with high forehead, frontal bossing[] heart failure Pulmonary hypertension Immune deficiency (cellular and humoral) with increased risk of infection and autoimmune diseases Psychiatric disorders Race No racial[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 6

    GSD Ia is characterized by hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia, lactic acidemia, hyperuricemia, hyperlipidemia and short stature.[] heart failure.[] Infants have a round “doll” face.[]

  • Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

    This case, together with a familial 4p deletion involving the distal 400 kb reported in normal women, may narrow the critical region for short stature on 4p to 360-760 kb.[] […] due to congestive heart failure.[] Microcephaly Round, moonlike face Wide-set, downward-slanting eyes Strabismus Epicanthal folds Williams syndrome Type of abnormality: deletion Critical region: 7q11.23 Mental[]

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