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389 Possible Causes for Congestive Heart Failure, Scarlet Fever

  • Sinusitis

    It is more prevalent than heart disease and asthma and has a greater impact on quality of life than chronic back pain or congestive heart failure.[]

  • Skin Infection

    Scarlet fever may accompany streptococcal pyoderma or wound infection (surgical scarlet fever).[] Patients with congestive heart failure (n 50) and chronic kidney disease (n 50) on follow up at the same institution served as controls.[] […] valve develop endocarditis within 60 days. ( 3 ) This can affect blood flow and sometimes cause symptoms like damage to the lungs, congestive heart failure or kidney problems[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    (ARF), acute glomerulonephritis, and scarlet fever, as well as cutaneous infections.[] […] disease ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD , congestive heart failure ).[] The scarlet fever rash appears as tiny papules over the chest and abdomen, creating roughness similar to sandpaper and producing a sunburned appearance.[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    fever (Group A Strep) Direct contact with ill person, large-droplets from coughs or sneezes Homes 10% from a family member Bacterial meningitis (Neisseria meningitides )[] […] and congestive heart failure with infection, pneumonia or symptoms of wheezing, dyspnea, cough, sputum production, nasal congestion, sore throat, and/or hoarseness.[] (ARF), acute glomerulonephritis, and scarlet fever, as well as cutaneous infections.[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Scarlet Fever Scarlet fever – or scarlatina – is a bacterial infection caused by group A Streptococcus or "group A strep."[] Rheumatic fever occurs when a strep infection damages the heart’s valves which can lead to congestive heart failure or swelling of the lining of the heart.[] However, other skin signs of scarlet fever such as red strawberry tongue and linear petechial eruption did not appear.[]

  • Acute Glomerulonephritis

    Scarlet fever, and impetigo 5. What is the Pathophysiology of glomerulonephritis? A.[] She was referred by her primary care physician for suspected congestive heart failure but she had an elevated creatinine level and an abnormal urinalysis.[] Sixty-eight children had clinical evidence of acute pharyngitis, 12 had an ASO titer of 500 Todd units without a history of a “sore throat”, 7 gave a history of Scarlet fever[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    A serological examination was positive for Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, and he was diagnosed with Far East scarlet-like fever (FESLF).[] […] blood (congestive heart failure).[] While its symptoms can mimic many infectious and non-infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, toxic shock syndrome and measles, it was first recognized as a separate illness[]

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease

    Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that sometimes happens after an infection caused by a bacteria called group A streptococcus, like strep throat or scarlet fever.[] Between January 2010 and November 2012, we enrolled 3343 patients from 25 centers in 14 countries and followed them for 2 years to assess mortality, congestive heart failure[] In some cases, strep throat or scarlet fever can eventually progress to rheumatic fever.[]

  • Aortic Valve Stenosis

    Another cause is rheumatic fever. This condition can develop after strep throat or scarlet fever.[] heart failure (CHF) due to severe AS without hemodynamic instability.We retrospectively investigated 14 consecutive patients 80 years of age admitted due to decompensated[] A 56-year-old female with congestive heart failure was transferred to our institution.[]

  • Beriberi

    It is on clinical grounds that beriberi , scarlet fever, measles, &c., are recognized as belonging to the same class, and evolving in phases which differ not in intimate nature[] This was defined as the presence of signs of congestive heart failure or shock in the absence of fever or other signs of sepsis, hypovolaemia or cardiac abnormalities, with[] Although, untreated Beriberi can eventually lead to death Commencing thiamine supplementation can cause an improvement in the symptoms If congestive heart failure occurs,[]

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