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27 Possible Causes for Conical-Shaped Teeth, No Tooth Problem, Sparse to No Eyebrows

  • Hidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

    Figure 3: Teeth are reduced in number and are conical in shape. Figure 4: Panoramic radiograph shows eight erupted teeth of primary dentition and eight tooth buds. 3.[] Underdeveloped Thick, discolored Hair Fine, brittle, slow-growing Total balding (alopecia) Missing in spots for males Sparse eyelashes Sparse eyebrow Absent underarm hair[] Teeth in the anterior region of maxilla and mandible were conical shaped. [10] In the absence of teeth, the alveolar process does not develop much, resulting in reduction[]

  • Hypotrichosis 7

    The teeth may be absent or few in number, and characteristically the canines and incisors are conical shaped.[] The scalp hair is sparse to absent, eyebrows and eyelashes are normal or short and sparse, and the body hairs are normal or sparse.[] Affected individuals have sparse hair on the scalp, sparse-to-absent eyebrows and eyelashes, and sparse body hair.[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia-Hypotrichosis Syndrome

    teeth, and facial abnormalities. anteroposterior facial dysplasia defective development resulting in abnormal anteroposterior relations of the maxilla and mandible to each[] Hypotrichosis of eyebrows was more severe at the lateral 1/2 to 2/3; eyelids were atrichotic (see below) or severely hypotrichotic (irregular implantation and size) (Fig.[] […] ectodermal dysplasia an inherited disorder characterized by ectodermal dysplasia associated with aplasia or hypoplasia of the sweat glands, hypothermia, alopecia, anodontia, conical[]

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia

    […] with ectodermal dysplasia (ED) include complete or partial hypodontia, anodontia, loss of vertical dimension of occlusion, protuberant lips, malformed and widely spaced conical-shaped[] HED is associated with typical facial features such as a protruding forehead, sparse and fine eyebrows and eyelashes, wrinkles under the eyes, characteristic periorbital hyperpigmentation[] , skin peeling, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, finger and nail deformities, conical teeth anomalies, abnormal tooth root formation, tooth resorption in the root, gingivitis[]

  • Microdontia

    Other associated tooth abnormalities are enamel hypoplasia, conical-shaped teeth, shortened roots, taurodontism and delayed eruption. 2.[] Sparse and thin eyebrow Rhizomelia Bowing of the long bones Abnormal form of the vertebral bodies Pulmonary arterial hypertension Platyspondyly Lumbar hyperlordosis Limb[] If your teeth are weak, or if they experienced cavities or other problems, they can strengthen the tooth while providing it with a more attractive shape.[]

  • Taurodontia Absent Teeth Sparse Hair

    The conical shaped teeth and “knife-edge” alveolar ridges result in poor retention and instability of dentures.[] […] scalp hair. may also develop some of the following symptoms: Uncommon Symptoms - Between 30% and 50% cases Intellectual disability Microcephaly Sparse and thin eyebrow Conical[] Patient with tooth agenesis may not only have functional problems but also psychological distress that requires early diagnosis and proper evaluation to improve oral health[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Nail Dysplasia

    They both had partial adontia, conical peg-shaped teeth, fine hair that did not grow long, normal sweating, eversion of lips, and pronounced facial similarity.[] Sparse or absent eyebrows Sparse or absent eyelashes Diagnosing Fried Syndrome A physician can diagnose Fried syndrome on the basis of physical features.[] […] most significant clinical problem.[]

  • Anodontia

    Inclusion term(s): Concrescence of teeth Fusion of teeth Gemination of teeth Dens evaginatus Dens in dente Dens invaginatus Enamel pearls Macrodontia Microdontia Peg-shaped[] The patient had sparse eyebrows.[] But tooth disorders are nothing to smile about. They include problems such as cavities (also known as tooth decay), infections, and injuries.[]

  • Bloch Sulzberger Syndrome

    […] in peg's deformation or conical-shaped teeth. [10] There is no treatment for this generalized disorder, and the multisystem manifestations of the disease require that the[] Hair changes include vertex alopecia and sparse eyebrows and eyelashes.[] Dental problems are congenital missing of teeth, delayed eruption, abnormal crown shape and so on. Here is a case of 6 year-old female with IP.[]

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia Type 5 Hair Nail

    FIGURE 1 Conical shaped teeth, inferior removable prosthetic rehabilitation, sparse hair and sunglasses due to photophobia.[] […] and thin eyebrow ; Sparse eyelashes Associated Genes KRT74 (Withdrawn symbols: K6IRS4, KRT5C, KRT6IRS4 ) Mouse Orthologs - Source OMIM:614929 (names, synonyms, disease associated[] No other medical problems have been noted in patients affected by “tooth and nail” syndrome. Intelligence is normal.[]

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