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736 Possible Causes for Conjunctival Disease

  • Conjunctivitis

    disease, Krankheit, eye inflammation Unterklasse von Augenkrankheit, Krankheit, conjunctival disease, inflammatory disease Normdatei Q167844 NDL-Kennung: 00565682 BNCF-Thesaurus[] disease, boală, eye inflammation Subclasă a eye disease, boală, conjunctival disease, inflammatory disease Control de autoritate Q167844 identificator NDL: 00565682 Thesaurus[] disease, malattia, eye inflammation Sottoclasse di malattia oftalmologica, malattia, conjunctival disease, inflammatory disease Controllo di autorità Q167844 identificativo[]

  • Chemical Conjunctivitis

    Neoplasia : unilateral conjunctival disease can, rarely, represent sebaceous cell carcinoma, conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia or squamous cell carcinoma.[] The key symptoms follow: Discharge Irritation Conjunctival redness What other disease/condition shares some of these symptoms?[] Pain, Photophobia and Blurred Vision Pain and photophobia are not typical features of a primary conjunctival inflammatory process.[]

  • Gonococcal Conjunctivitis

    disease.[] […] done in patients with severe symptoms, immunocompromise, ineffective initial therapy, or a vulnerable eye (eg, after a corneal transplant, in exophthalmos due to Graves disease[] Gonococcal disease is most commonly diagnosed by Gram stain which shows characteristic Gram-negative intracellular diplococci.[]

  • Ophthalmia Neonatorum

    Conjunctival swabs were taken for gram staining and culture from those with clinical diagnosis of conjunctivitis.[] Conjunctivitis is an inflammatory disease characterized by conjunctival erythema, swelling, and discharge. 1 Ophthalmia neonatorum (ON), also called neonatal conjunctivitis[] Definition : Acute conjunctival inflammation in the newborn, usually caused by maternal gonococcal infection.[]

  • Vernal Conjunctivitis

    There was no correlation between the duration of disease and severity of conjunctival pigmentation (r 0.24) (p 0.086).[] The palpebral conjunctival changes and patient symptoms correlated with the severity of the disease in patients with vernal conjunctivitis.[] Nonspecific conjunctival hyperreactivity, a novel concept in allergic eye disease, may be relevant for a better understanding of the pathogenesis and clinical variability[]

  • Ligneous Conjunctivitis

    It also examines chronic progressive conjunctival cicatrisation, the diseases which cause it, their clinical and laboratory evaluation, immunopathogenesis, sequelae and management[] Surgical manipulation of the unaffected fellow eye in patients with unilateral disease can result in pathologic conjunctival changes, and is best avoided.[] Discussion Additional studies included corneal sensitivity testing, to rule out chronic conjunctival disease, and eyelid eversion, to rule out superior palpebral conjunctival[]

  • Allergic Conjunctivitis

    […] of the conjunctival epithelium, resulting in allergic disease.[] RECENT FINDINGS: Allergic conjunctivitis or conjunctival symptoms are present in 30-71% of patients with allergic rhinitis.[] […] eye disease; 3 It is also important to enquire about the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, as several topical medications can produce an inflammatory[]

  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

    We believe that conjunctival injection is found in most eyes of patients with new tsutsugamushi disease.[] Primary localized conjunctival amyloidosis is rare and usually diagnosed histologically instead of clinically.[] […] tumors Systemic Conditions Vascular disease Severe venous congestion Hematological dyscrasias Systemic trauma Acute febrile systemic diseases Drugs Carotid cavernous fistulas[]

  • Chronic Catarrhal Conjunctivitis

    Neoplasia : unilateral conjunctival disease can, rarely, represent sebaceous cell carcinoma, conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia or squamous cell carcinoma.[] […] chronic inflammation, more bilateral disease.[] ; failure to respond to what should be effective treatment; focal, rather than diffuse, disease; and unusual patterns of conjunctival staining.[]

  • Viral Conjunctivitis

    ACUTE HAEMORRHAGIC CONJUNCTIVITIS • It is an acute inflammation of conjunctiva characterised by • multiple conjunctival haemorrhages, • conjunctival hyperaemia and • mild[] Conjunctival involvement may be part of a systemic infection.[] Complications Occasionally the disease may be complicated by • marginal corneal ulcer, • superficial keratitis, • blepharitis or dacryocystitis 35.[]

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