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8,095 Possible Causes for Conjunctivitis, Crusted Eyelids, Limbitis

  • Blepharitis

    Blepharitis, common inflammation of the eyelids that is marked by red, scaly, crusting eyelids and a burning, itching, grainy feeling in the eye.[] Corneal findings can include punctate epithelial erosions, marginal infiltrates, marginal ulcers, limbal inflammation and thickening (limbitis), peripheral corneal ectasia[] It may be associated with several systemic diseases, particularly rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, and is related to other ocular conditions like dry eye, chalazion, conjunctivitis[]

  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

    , foreshortening of fornices, symblepharon, ankyloblepharon Cornea: Superficial punctate keratitis, epithelial defect, stromal ulcer, neovascularization, keratinization, limbitis[] Ocular involvement in Stevens-Johnson syndrome begins with edema, erythema, and crusting of the eyelids.[] A 64-year-old man presented with bilateral pseudomembranous conjunctivitis and conjunctival denudation (sloughing) in the setting of a maculopapular rash, fever, liver dysfunction[]

  • Keratitis

    For a total of 120 eyes, normal cornea was noted in 53 (44.2%) eyes, superficial punctate keratitis or limbitis was noted in 17 (14.2%), while corneal stromal infiltration[] External examination: Skin — clear vesicles on an erythematous base that progress to crusting.[] Adenoviral conjunctivitis may lead to subepithelial corneal infiltrates as a late complication.[]

  • Chemical Conjunctivitis

    Symptoms of conjunctivitis include crusting of the eyelids and lashes, tearing, and generalized eye irritation.[] Sterile water significantly reduced (P less than .02) the prevalence of chemical conjunctivitis when compared to the conventional sodium chloride rinse.[] This discharge often forms a crust across the eyelids overnight. 6 If the discharge is particularly thick, it may blur vision.[]

    Missing: Limbitis
  • Gonococcal Conjunctivitis

    Some of them are: Bonding of the eyelids to the eyeball, where the eyelids appear bonded together with crust in-between.[] Adults can develop conjunctivitis as well, primarily when a concomitant genital infection is present.[] Sticky eyelids, which are difficult to keep open Eye pain and eyelid inflammation (usually severe); with gritty feeling of sand-like particles inside the eye Blurred vision[]

    Missing: Limbitis
  • Ophthalmia Neonatorum

    Misdiagnosis of gonococcal conjunctivitis carries obvious social, psychological and medical impact.[] Newborn conjunctivitis; Conjunctivitis of the newborn; Ophthalmia neonatorum; Eye infection - neonatal conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis is swelling or infection of the membrane[] Synonym: conjunctivitis of the newborn, neonatal conjunctivitis Definition and aetiology [ 1, 2 ] Ophthalmia neonatorum (ON) refers to any conjunctivitis occurring in the[]

    Missing: Limbitis
  • Vernal Conjunctivitis

    Abstract We compared quantitative histologic counts of ten subjects with vernal conjunctivitis to counts of 15 subjects with contact lens-associated giant papillary conjunctivitis[] The percentage of degranulated mast cells in vernal conjunctivitis did not differ significantly from that in giant papillary conjunctivitis associated with contact-lens wear[] Abstract Vernal conjunctivitis is a bilateral, seasonal, external ocular inflammatory disease of unknown cause.[]

    Missing: Limbitis
  • Ectropion

    This rubbing can lead to excessive tearing, crusting of the eyelid, mucous discharge and irritation of the eye.[] Often the condition has no symptoms, but tearing and conjunctivitis may be seen.[] Chronic conjunctivitis was significantly more common in patients with involutional ectropion than in those with involutional entropion (p 0.001).[]

    Missing: Limbitis
  • Chronic Catarrhal Conjunctivitis

    Chronic conjunctivitis may occur: 1. As continuation of acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis when untreated or partially treated. 2.[] 〔英俚〕 ... detail conjunctivitis : n. 【医学】结膜炎。[] Prevention Prevention of chronic catarrhal conjunctivitis 1.[]

    Missing: Limbitis
  • Diphtheritic Conjunctivitis

    Chronic Catarrhal Conjunctivitis Table of Contents next: Granular Conjunctivitis, or Trachoma[] —The patient, a physician, aged 56, consulted me Jan. 25, 1908, for a very mild conjunctivitis of the right eye, the left being unaffected.[] Spring Catarrh* (Saemisch) - Summer Conjunctivitis (Schweiger) - C. Marginalis Hypertrophica (Pagenstecher) - C.[]

    Missing: Limbitis

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