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217 Possible Causes for Conjunctivitis, Facial Numbness, Photophobia

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

    […] mouth, or throat; brought on by swallowing, talking, or chewing Intracranial tumors May have other neurologic symptoms or signs Migraine Longer-lasting pain; associated with photophobia[] Patients who underwent 2-isocenter GKS had a higher rate of postoperative facial numbness, but only 9 cases reported bothersome facial numbness.[] We here report on a case of TN caused by cerebellar AVMs that was successfully treated by total AVMs resection in conjunction with microvasecular decompression (MVD) in one[]

  • Cluster Headache

    Her initial symptoms were left-sided headache with ipsilateral lacrimation and nasal congestion associated with ipsilateral facial numbness.[] We report the case of an 11-year-old boy who suffered from sudden attacks of shock-like, intense pain, localized in the right orbital region, with associated photophobia,[] […] was to look at the connectivity of the posterior inferior hypothalamus in a patient implanted with a deep brain stimulating electrode using probabilistic tractography in conjunction[]

  • Ocular Toxoplasmosis

    Review of systems was significant for a nonspecific light headache over the week prior to presentation, as well as right-sided facial numbness, gait ataxia, and increased[] A 28-year-old man presented with a 2-week history of red eye, photophobia, pain and decreased visual acuity of the right eye.[] A 24 year old woman developed retinal and optic nerve neovascularization in conjunction with acute ocular toxoplasmosis.[]

  • Leprosy

    […] forehead (leonine facies), eyebrows and eyelashes are lost, nose becomes misshapen or collapses, ear lobes thicken, upper incisor teeth fall out Eye involvement causing photophobia[] Deep biopsies reveal GMF diagnostic changes and, in conjunction with clinicopathological correlations, exclude a diagnosis of leprosy and support one of GMF, thus facilitating[] In the early 1980s, the World Health Organisation recommended the use of the three drugs in conjunction to cure patients with leprosy.[]

  • Migraine

    At 2 h postdose, DFN-11 was also significantly superior to placebo for freedom from photophobia (P     0.0056) and phonophobia (P     0.0167).[] A 45-year-old woman with a 20-year history of migrainous headaches presented with complaints of rightsided facial and hand numbness and paraesthesia.[] True sinus headaches are rare and usually occur in conjunction with a sinus infection.[]

  • Transient Ischemic Attack

    These symptoms include: Confusion or memory problems Difficulty understanding speech or sudden speech impairment, such as slurred speech Facial paralysis Sudden leg or arm[] In addition, migraines are more commonly associated with headache, nausea, and photophobia.[] Used in conjunction with antiplatelet drugs, common anticoagulants, like warfarin and Xarelto, can significantly decrease the likelihood of a patient suffering a subsequent[]

  • Vertebral Artery Dissection

    During admission, tingling over V1/V2 facial territory, vertigo, hypotension, uvula deviation and right lower limb numbness.[] This was unlike her usual headaches where she develops occipital throbbing, scotoma, and photophobia but no nausea or phonophobia.[] Detailed history and thorough neurological examination in conjunction with appropriate imaging are necessary to distinguish between brainstem/cerebellar ischemia from vertebral[]

  • Sinusitis

    Symptoms of invasive fungal sinusitis People with invasive fungal sinusitis usually are very ill, and may have some of the following symptoms: Fever Facial pain or numbness[] Red flag symptoms Unilateral symptoms Bleeding Cacosmia (perceived malodorous smell) Signs of meningitis (neck stiffness, photophobia) Altered neurology Frontal swelling Any[] A 70-year-old white man with a history of chronic conjunctivitis and nasal polyps presenting with chronic epiphora was found to have dacryostenosis on the left side.[]

  • Carotid Cavernous Sinus Fistula

    After a 2-week symptom-free period, he developed scalp and facial numbness, along with headache and vision problems.[] Cavernous sinus thrombosis Intraorbital lesions Fibrous dysplasia Frontal sinus mucocele Ocular neoplasms Osteoma Hemangioma Inflammatory, allergic and infectious pathologies Conjunctivitis[] “These patients are often misdiagnosed as having thyroid eye disease or conjunctivitis or blepharitis,” Dr. Miller noted.[]

  • Viral Meningitis

    Symptoms may include: Fever Headache Confusion Facial numbness Some paralysis How is chronic meningitis diagnosed?[] An 18-year-old woman presented with a progressively worsening headache, photophobia feverishness and vomiting.[] ENTERO VIRUS Most common 75% cases CSF RT PCR – diagnosis Summer months Rx is supportive Stigmata of enterovirus -herpangina,plurodynia,myopericarditis,hemorrhagic conjunctivitis[]

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