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288 Possible Causes for Conjunctivitis, Facial Pain, Toothache

  • Sinusitis

    […] pressure/tenderness Stuffy nose Thick yellow or green nasal discharge Loss of smell and taste Congestion/cough You may also experience: Fever Ear pain Headache Tiredness Toothache[] Presenting with facial pain was a negative predictor of mortality.[] A 70-year-old white man with a history of chronic conjunctivitis and nasal polyps presenting with chronic epiphora was found to have dacryostenosis on the left side.[]

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

    This lack of pain during sleep is commonly used as a diagnostic tool when determining if a patient has TN or some other condition, like migraine or toothache.[] Trigeminal neuralgia is a rare cause of episodic unilateral facial pain and often in the initial presentation dental causes need to be eliminated, as it frequently presents[] We here report on a case of TN caused by cerebellar AVMs that was successfully treated by total AVMs resection in conjunction with microvasecular decompression (MVD) in one[]

  • Bacterial Infections

    The symptoms may include: Facial pain or pressure that’s worse when leaning forward Postnasal drip Nasal congestion Pain in your upper jaw Toothache in your upper jaw Yellow[] Two hundred and forty-six patients with signs of acute bacterial conjunctivitis and/or blepharitis were randomised to receive either norfloxacin or chloramphenicol for one[] Ocular specimens from blepharitis, blepharoconjunctivitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, endophthalmitis, periorbital cellulitis and dacrocystitis were collected from 270 individuals[]

  • Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis

    The patient presented with a history of toothache and facial pain with oedema of left half of face, periorbital oedema and depressed conciousness.[] Posaconazole may be used effectively in conjunction with surgical debridement in the treatment of patients with infective rhinocerebral mucormycosis who develop hepatotoxic[] Fever, lethargy, pain mimicking sinusitis, facial swelling, toothache, and nasal discharge were common clinical signs and symptoms to all the patients [Figure 1] .[]

  • Malocclusion

    […] of mouth and gums (gingivitis) caused by appliances Chewing or speaking difficulty during treatment When to Contact a Medical Professional Call your treating dentist if toothache[] This is characterized by chronic facial pain, jaw pain, headaches or earaches. This condition is very difficult to treat and cure completely.[] A new treatment protocol involves the use of an alternating rapid maxillary expansion and constriction (Alt-RAMEC) protocol, in conjunction with full-time Class III elastic[]

  • Arthrocentesis

    […] face Trouble chewing or a sudden uncomfortable bite -- as if the upper and lower teeth are not fitting together properly Swelling on the side of your face You may also have toothaches[] Internationally renowned editors and contributor teamIntegrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of oral and facial pain syndromes as well as common primary headaches[] The minimally invasive treatments such as arthrocentesis as well as arthroscopic lysis and lavage are often used as a first-line surgical treatment or in conjunction with[]

  • Antibiotic

    Toothaches? Think Twice. Seek Advice. Antibiotics don’t work against your common cold and flu viruses, and are unnecessary for some common bacterial infections.[] pain lasting for at least three consecutive days or if there is a worsening of symptoms following a viral illness that was initially improving.[] These are also useful in mild bacterial conjunctivitis.[]

  • Abscess

    Pain from an abscessed tooth is like no other kind of toothache pain. While mild toothache pain may come and go, the pain from an abscess is constant and severe.[] Dental and facial pain. In: Benzon HT, Rathmell JP, Wu CL, Turk DC, Argoff CE, Hurley RW, eds. Practical Management of Pain . 5th ed.[] Signs of serious infection include sharp, deep pain and facial swelling and you should get to a dentist right away -- or to an emergency room if after office hours.[]

  • Paroxysmal Hemicrania

    A set of symptoms that defines chronic paroxysmal hemicrania is presented, and two cases in which the presenting symptom was toothache are reported.[] As headache and facial pain are two of the most common medical complaints, it is essential that clinicians are well equipped to handle these issues.[] Owing to the high prevalence of migraine it is likely that some CPH sufferers may have a familial or personal history of migraine; therefore the conjunction of CPH and migraine[]

  • Brain Abscess

    His medical history revealed no recent sinusitis, otitis media or upper respiratory tract infections, but he did report having a toothache about 3 weeks before that had since[] By toxic symptoms include pained facial expression (in later stages), weight loss, constipation, dry, coated tongue, a decrease or lack of appetite.[] […] retrospectively analyzed 46 patients with intracranial abscess who underwent continuous irrigation and drainage through a double-cavity sleeve tube placed surgically in conjunction[]

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