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85 Possible Causes for Conjunctivitis, Generalized Motor Seizure, Hypersalivation

  • Dementia

    Medications are indicated for BPSD symptoms that are refractory to non-pharmacological interventions or severe or jeopardizing the safety of a patient or others, often in conjunction[] More successful programs included multi-faceted components (e.g. hands on support, clinical auditing) in conjunction with didactic teaching.[] It is applicable early in the course of illness, in conjunction with other therapies that are intended to prolong life. 3 The idea that palliative care is relevant only in[]

  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    Motor signs included grand mal seizures, generalized rigidity, localized dystonias, catalepsy, and athetosis.[] Forced diuresis with furosemide in conjunction with acidification may further increase PCP clearance. Use of physostigmine is based on conjecture.[] Profuse diaphoresis, hypersalivation, bronchospasm, and urinary retention occurred in less than 5%.[]

  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

    A 64-year-old man presented with bilateral pseudomembranous conjunctivitis and conjunctival denudation (sloughing) in the setting of a maculopapular rash, fever, liver dysfunction[] Lesions are painful and lead to hypersalivation, feeding problems, photophobia, and burns following urination. High fever is a constant feature.[] A 75-year-old woman with SJS presented with bilateral chronic relapsing purulent conjunctivitis secondary to inferior conjunctival diverticuli.[]

  • Carbamate Poisoning

    The administration of oximes, acetylcholinesterase reactivators, in carbamate poisoning is controversial because of the potential toxicity of oximes in conjunction with carbamate[] Please interpret the environmental medicine and the health education resources in light of specific information regarding the patient and in conjunction with other medical[] Activated charcoal Used in conjunction with a cathartic if patient presents within 60 minutes of ingestion.[]

  • Cholinergic Crisis

    Hence it comes as no surprise that pralidoxime is used clinically to combat organophosphate poisoning in conjunction with atropine and diazepam. References[] Features suggestive of a cholinergic crisis (too much medication) include muscle fasciculation, pallor, sweating, hypersalivation and small pupils.[] Please interpret the environmental medicine and the health education resources in light of specific information regarding the patient and in conjunction with other medical[]

  • Amanita Phalloides Poisoning

    Antidotal therapies might also be considered in conjunction with a consultant experienced in hepatotoxic mushroom poisoning.[]

  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis

    After verifying the target gene expression in 293 T cells, we immunized BALB/c mice with the pcDNA3.1-C-E vector as a DNA vaccine in conjunction with either CpG or poly (I[] Our results in conjunction with other lines of evidence, including reservoir competency, prevalence of antibody, and infection in nature, suggest that the American Robin,[] This document was developed in conjunction with the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board and the Massachusetts Mosquito Control Projects.[]

  • Rolandic Epilepsy

    Common features include oropharyngeal somatosensory symptoms, facial motor seizures during drowsiness, and brief nocturnal generalized tonic-clonic seizures.[] Assessment of heterogeneity Although not relevant to the current version of the review, in future we will assess heterogeneity between pooled trials using the Chi² test in conjunction[] Hypersalivation is not just frothing: Suddenly my mouth is full of saliva, it runs out like a river and I cannot speak.[]

  • Dimercaprol

    ., 450 mg/m 2 daily), g in conjunction with edetate calcium disodium (administered at separate injection sites), a b for at least 3 days (usual duration is 5 days). a f g[] Although dimercaprol has not been successful in the treatment of lead poisoning when used alone, there is evidence that used in conjunction with sodium calcium edetate, it[] […] b g or 75 mg/m 2. g Then, at least 4 hours later (and when adequate urine flow established) begin 4 mg/kg a b or 75 mg/m 2 g every 4 hours (i.e., 450 mg/m 2 daily), g in conjunction[]

  • Exposure to Nerve Gas

    CONTINUE SCROLLING OR CLICK HERE FOR RELATED SLIDESHOW SLIDESHOW Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Symptoms, Causes, Treatments See Slideshow[] Atropine sulfate blocks the muscarinic effects of acetylcholine that cause bronchorrhoea, hypersalivation, bronchoconstriction and bradycardia, thereby reducing these effects[] Member of another family of compounds called oximes are sometimes used in conjunction with atropine; they work in a different manner, restoring the enzyme that helps break[]

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