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1,001 Possible Causes for Conjunctivitis, Viral Meningitis

  • Meningitis

    This is especially important in bacterial meningitis; for this reason, steroids are often given in conjunction with antibiotics.[] To learn more about how we use cookies, please see our cookies policy Close Intended for healthcare professionals Education Viral meningitis Viral meningitis Clinical Review[] A linked CPD course is any course held in conjunction with an academic/credit course.[]

  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

    The focal nature of LCMV infection in house mice may result from contact or vertical transmission of virus in conjunction with the highly structured social system of mice,[] viral encephalitis A86 Unspecified viral encephalitis A87 Viral meningitis A87.0 Enteroviral meningitis A87.1 Adenoviral meningitis A87.2 Lymphocytic choriomeningitis A87.8[] Definitions of lymphocytic choriomeningitis 1 n a form of viral meningitis caused by a virus carried by the common house mouse Type of: choriomeningitis a cerebral meningitis[]

  • Bacterial Meningitis

    You therefore cannot say that bacterial meningitis is worse than viral meningitis.[] […] from viral meningitis.[] What is the difference between bacterial meningitis and viral meningitis?[]

  • Coxsackievirus Infection

    CONCLUSIONS: This novel infection model may be useful in investigating the pathogenesis of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis and the effectiveness of antiviral treatments.[] Rarely, the patient with coxsackievirus A16 infection may also develop "aseptic" or viral meningitis.[] Eye Infection: Conjunctivitis Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC) presents with swollen eyelids and red hemorrhages in the whites of the eye.[]

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Diagnosis of Rocky Mountain spotted fever is best made by recognizing the clinical signs, in conjunction with blood antibody testing to document recent exposure and infection[] […] encephalitis, tuberculous meningitis, air embolism, and rarely mucopolysaccharidoses. 8 We suggest that in cases of encephalitis with MRI consistent with the starry sky pattern[] […] often from the nose, or in the stools Difficulty with blood clotting, which can lead to shock or death Swollen lymph nodes Pain in the eyes Inflammation, hemorrhage, or conjunctivitis[]

  • Coxsackie Meningitis

    […] enterovirus A, Human enterovirus B, and Human enterovirus C ) that are associated with mild to serious illness (such as sore throat, diarrhea, hand, foot and mouth disease, conjunctivitis[] Viral meningitis (‎coxsackie B5)‎ : Update Méningite virale (‎coxsackie B5)‎ : Mise à jour.[] Eye Infection: Conjunctivitis Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC) presents with swollen eyelids and red hemorrhages in the whites of the eye.[]

  • Enterovirus Infection

    Coxsackievirus A24 and enterovirus 70 have been associated with outbreaks of conjunctivitis.[] 3-fold more frequent than bacterial meningitis. 1, 2 Non-polio enteroviruses (NPEV) are the main cause of viral meningitis worldwide, and young age is an important epidemiological[] […] conjunctivitis Hand, foot, and mouth disease Viral meningitis (infection of the covering of the spinal cord and/or brain).[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    Three nonfatal neonatal adenovirus infections manifesting as conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis with other nonspecific symptoms are described.[] Rarely few of subtypes of adenovirus causes viral meningitis and encephalitis .[] As in our series there was a strong association with conjunctivitis and urethritis.[]

  • Meningococcal Carrier

    If the rash appears, in conjunction with other symptoms such as a high fever, call an ambulance for urgent treatment.[] Viral meningitis is usually less serious than a bacterial cause. Most people who develop viral meningitis make a full recovery.[] Other less common forms of meningococcal disease include pneumonia, arthritis, epiglottitis, pericarditis and conjunctivitis.[]

  • Cat Scratch Meningoencephalitis

    Cat-scratch disease can atypically present as parinaud oculoglandular syndrome (unilateral conjunctivitis and preauricular lymphadenopathy).[] We can't treat viral meningitis either, but viral meningitis is usually less severe and causes less damage than bacterial meningitis.[] […] in-utero death; placentitis Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ticks 2-14 days fever; chills; malaise; headache; myalgia; vomiting; diarrhea; edema of the face or extremities; conjunctivitis[]

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