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12 Possible Causes for Constipation, Dumping Syndrome, Hyperactive Bowel Sounds

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Syndrome Definition & Facts Symptoms & Causes Diagnosis Treatment Eating, Diet, & Nutrition Clinical Trials Foodborne Illnesses Gallstones Definition & Facts Symptoms & Causes[] The bowel sounds may vary depending on whether the patient has constipation (bowel sounds may be hypoactive) or diarrhea (bowel sounds may be hyperactive).[] Clinical study results in patients with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C) are also reviewed.[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    Examination revealed hyperactive bowel sounds with scant fecal matter on rectal examination.[] She developed persistent non-bilious vomiting that was associated with constipation soon after birth.[] Dehydration has been proposed as a risk factor for DIOS and constipation in CF.[]

  • Lactose Intolerance

    Common gastrointestinal symptoms in type 2 diabetic patients are flatulence, constipation and/or diarrhea.[] Your baby may have eczema , reflux , diarrhoea or constipation , and she may not put on enough weight (failure to thrive).[] Most common gastrointestinal manifestations include frequent abdominal pain and distension episodes, prolonged digestion, and altered bowel habit (diarrhea and/or constipation[]

  • Volvulus

    One of these cases had minor symptoms appear after one year, and one case showed clinical symptoms compatible with dumping syndrome.[] bowel sounds High rate of mortality, particularly in older patients ( Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2013;17:127 ) Radiology description Dilated loops of intestine Volvulus may[] What is Constipation?[]

  • Crohn's Disease

    Bowel sounds may be hyperactive or even hypoactive as a result of this obstruction. The most common physical exam finding may be mild tenderness to palpation.[] […] abdominal (belly area) pain Fever Fatigue Loss of appetite Pain with passing stool ( tenesmus ) Persistent, watery diarrhea Unintentional weight loss Other symptoms may include: Constipation[] This can cause pain, fever , constipation, diarrhoea and weight loss.[]

  • Gastritis Medicamentosa

    Syndrome - NIH (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) EGD discharge (Medical Encyclopedia) Gastrectomy (Medical Encyclopedia) Gastritis (Medical[] It can be easy to confuse gastritis with duodenitis of the bulb Friedlander on hyperactive bowel sounds diarrhea: The bad cramps you pylori is back or just a general gastritis[] Alternating diarrhea/constipation bloating gas nausea daily for the horrendous lower abdominal cramps I was Nausea Bloating Gas Diarrhea Does Gabapentin (Neurontin) Cause[]

  • Short Bowel Syndrome

    These include: 1. viral gastroenteritis 2. bacterial enteritis or colitis 3. cholera 4. bacterial overgrowth 5. dumping syndrome 6. radiation enteritis 7. allergic enteropathies[] […] recipient's intestinal tract, has been used for decades to treat recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, and case reports document its use in the successful treatment of constipation[] Octreotide in dumping and short bowel syndromes. Digestion. 1993. 54 Suppl 1:47-52. [Medline]. Thompson JS, Langnas AN, Pinch LW, Kaufman S, Quigley EM, Vanderhoof JA.[]

  • Zollinger Ellison Syndrome

    syndrome acarbose octreotide (Sandostatin) how does acarbose help with dumping syndrome -decreases carbohydrate absorption how does octreotide help with dumping syndrome[] One case occurred after a patient with suspected ZES reduced the PPI dose they were taking on their own because they developed constipation while taking the PPI and then presented[] syndrome *30 mins after eating -vertigo -tachycardia -syncope -sweating -pallor -palpitations -desire to lie down late manifestations of dumping syndrome 90m-3h after eating[]

  • Bezoar

    ‘Patients were still observed to empty liquids rapidly, leading to the ‘dumping syndrome’, and to retain solids, leading to bezoar formation.’[] The patient showed abdominal tenderness, positive Murphy sign, hyperactive bowel sounds, a pale tongue with scalloped edges, greasy moss, and pulse moisten.[] They are usually found in the rectum of patients without predisposing factors, causing constipation and anorectal pain.[]

  • Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome

    At a mean follow-up of 20 months, two patients experienced complications, including one infection at a simultaneously placed J-tube site and one patient with dumping syndrome[] She had epigastric tenderness and hyperactive bowel sounds without palpable masses or organomegalies. The remaining examination was unremarkable.[] We investigated the incidence, risk factors and treatment strategy associated with SMA syndrome in constipated patients.[]

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