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131 Possible Causes for Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Perineal Pain, Profuse Vaginal Discharge

  • Anal Fissure

    RESULTS: A cohort of 64 patients was included, 37 patients (58%) with chronic anal fissure and 27 patients with hemorrhoid disease.[] Sex In the United States, self-reported constipation and admissions to hospital for constipation are more common in women than in men.[] Usually, a diagnosis of anal fissure can be made with the combination of a gentle perineal examination and the history.[] Perineal Sepsis Pain in the perineal area, fever and inability to void form the classic triad of signs of perineal sepsis.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Hemorrhoids

    Internal hemorrhoids Dilation of the vessels of the superior hemorrhoidal plexus is termed as internal hemorrhoids.[] The discharge occurred only with constipation. The relationship between urethral discharge, constipation, and hemorrhoids is discussed.[] Twenty-eight hours after surgery, the patient demonstrated signs of soft-tissue perineal necrosis associated with progressive pain and fever.[] RESULTS: The results showed improvement in symptoms of pain, swelling, bleeding, itching and discomfort in both the test and control groups.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

    Инфо за клипа What Are Hemorrhoids, Bleeding Hemorrhoid, Prolapsed Hemorrhoids External hemorrhoids External hemorrhoids lie within the anus and are usually painful.[] Diuretics cause the body to lose more water, again leading to constipation.[] Delorme mucosal sleeve resection (a perineal surgical procedure). Altemeier perineal rectosigmoidectomy (a perineal surgical procedure).[] Unless it is an internal hemorrhoid, hemorrhoids are often painful. As you know, there are two types of hemorrhoid. They are internal and external hemorrhoids.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Rectal Prolapse

    RIMP is not frequently associated with hemorrhoids.[] Its correction of preoperative constipation and avoidance of de novo constipation appear superior to historical functional results of posterior rectopexy.[] CASE REPORT A 39-year-old mentally retarded woman presented with a painful, recurrent, strangulated sigmoid prolapse following a perineal recto-sigmoidectomy (Altemeier's[] Since perineal procedures are associated with a higher recurrence rate, an abdominal approach is commonly preferred.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

    If a blood clot forms within a hemorrhoidal vessel, the patient will be diagnosed with thrombosed hemorrhoids (TH).[] What to do if diagnosed acute hemorrhoids? How to treat thrombosed external hemorrhoid Treatment hemorrhoid thrombosis.[] Drink plenty of liquids at least 8-10 glasses in order to help flush out toxins and prevent constipation and pain.[] Tips for preventing hemorrhoids Tips include the following: Eat foods that are high in fiber and use fiber supplements to help prevent constipation.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Rectal Pain

    Details Written by democontent Are you suffering from hemorrhoids?[] Severe constipation can result from overly tightened pelvic floor muscles.[] They include vulvodynia, orchialgia, urethral syndrome, penile pain, prostatodynia, coccygodynia, perineal pain, proctodynia and proctalgia fugax.[] My next option if no improvement is a caudal epidural (in the benzon textbook, it is suggested for perineal pain...never used it for that indication in the past, but worth[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Perianal Abscess

    Contents: Knowing the difference between an external hemorrhoid and an anal abscess can be crucial — Definition of anal abscess and hemorrhoids — Types of anal Abscess — Causes[] One had constipation and one was incontinent during the night. CONCLUSIONS: Simple drainage of a perianal abscess is followed frequently by a fistula.[] A 61-year-old man was admitted to our hospital complaining of perineal pain and was found to have a perianal abscess.[] Pain during bowel movements may lead to constipation. Abscesses that are deeper lead to fever and chills.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Anal Disorder

    Many people have hemorrhoids, but have no symptoms. How common are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are very common and by age 50, nearly half of Americans have hemorrhoids.[] Most of these children come to medical attention due to severe constipation that is associated with the disorder.[] ) lumbar region pain ( M54.5 ) pelvic and perineal pain ( R10.2 ) shoulder pain ( M25.51- ) spine pain ( M54.- ) throat pain ( R07.0 ) tongue pain ( K14.6 ) tooth pain ([] Warm sitz baths relieve perineal pain, trigger the somatoanal reflex, and have been shown to relax hypertonic sphincter tone.[10] Application of glyceral trinitrate 0.2% ointment[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Diverticulitis

    As time goes by, large and hard stools along with straining enlarge internal hemorrhoids.[] There is however strong association with obesity, low fiber diet and constipation.[] Rectal bleeding also can be a symptom of other diseases or conditions such as: Anemia Anal fissures Cancer Colon polyps Diverticulitis Hemorrhoids Ulcers (for example, ulcerative[] Constipation or, less commonly, diarrhea.[]

    Missing: Profuse Vaginal Discharge
  • Vaginitis

    Mattie Robertson For years, I was plagued by chronic yeast infections, including but not limited to: rashes, weight gain, insomnia, acne, constipation, chronic fatigue, depression[] […] area, mainly due to an excess of immune cells dysuria, which is pain or discomfort when urinating painful sexual intercourse, known as dyspareunia foul or fishy vaginal odor[] In most cases, there is also profuse or copious vaginal discharge which may be watery, yellow, or even purulent.[] : irritation of the genital area discharge that may be white, gray, watery, or foamy inflammation, leading to redness and swelling of the labia majora, labia minora, and perineal[]

    Missing: Hemorrhoids

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