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33 Possible Causes for Constipation, Hypoglycemia, Oral Mucosal Disorder

  • Malnutrition

    Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can result from a child not eating for 4 to 6 hours.[] We report a case of a 21 y old man who was diagnosed as CIPO with a history of recurrent intestinal colic and obstructive symptoms, slow transit type of constipation, bilateral[] More precisely, ageing is linked with problems in oral health like loss of teeth, caries, oral dryness, periodontal diseases, painful mucosal disorders and decreased masticatory[]

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    TC should be considered as a potential AN complication, but it may be triggered by hypoglycemia of any etiology.[] Makes frequent comments about feeling “fat” or overweight despite weight loss Complains of constipation, abdominal pain, cold intolerance, lethargy, and/or excess energy Denies[] CONCLUSIONS: ED display a wide array of oral mucosal lesions that can be regarded as their early manifestations.[]

  • Cannabis Abuse

    This is particularly risky for diabetics taking oral medications or insulin, as hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia can be fatal.[] Constipation, diarrhoea, dry mouth, glossodynia, mouth ulceration, nausea, oral discomfort, oral pain, vomiting.[] Opioids reduce the perception of pain but can also produce drowsiness, mental confusion, euphoria, nausea, constipation, and—depending upon the amount of drug taken—can depress[]

  • Anterior Pituitary Disease

    […] clinical features: changes in lipid metabolism, quality of life, CV dysfunction diagnosis: insulin-induced hypoglycemia (normal GH goes up) or IV arginine then draw GH level[] Hypothyroidism can result in fatigue, constipation, dry skin, brittle hair, poor growth, feeling cold all the time, and disruptions to normal periods in girls.[] Mucosal Disorders, Duke University at v t e Oral and maxillofacial pathology ( K00–K06, K11–K14 , 520–525, 527–529 ) Lips Cheilitis Actinic Angular Plasma cell Cleft lip[]

  • Dermatitis

    Certain medications, which are used to treat high blood pressure, hypoglycemia or arthritis , are the reason to cause this reaction.[] We found no evidence of an increase in adverse events; those reported in included studies that were related to treatment were tummy and gut upset with diarrhoea, constipation[] How does a disorder that damages the intestines show up on the skin?[]

  • Uremia

    We consider hypoglycemia as a candidate trigger factor for the syndrome of acute bilateral basal ganglia lesions and highlight the importance of strict glucose control in[] Loss of appetite progresses to nausea and vomiting; episodes of diarrhea and constipation may occur.[] mucosal disorder.[]

  • Acquired Adrenogenital Syndrome

    The book also describes disorders of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, for example, diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, coronary artery disease, and hypercholesterolemia.[] Symptoms often include polydipsia, polyuria, nocturia, constipation, increases fatigue, weakness and musculosceletal aches and pains.[] Mucosa Erosion, Oral Mucosal Disorder, Oral Mucosal Eruption, Oral Mucosal Exfoliation, Oral Mucosal Petechiae, Oral Pain, Oral Soft Tissue Disorder, Orchitis, Oropharyngeal[]

  • Uncinate Seizure

    Familial febrile convulsions First generalized onset seizure Focal motor seizure Gelastic seizure Generalized seizure Generalized-onset seizures Gustatory seizure Had a fit Hypoglycemia-induced[] .  Feeding difficulties/ constipation/ incontinence.  Infections esp resp. tract infection.  Misery/ distress to the family/ psychological problems. 43.[] Burning mouth syndrome is a chronic disorder typically characterized by each of the following EXCEPT: a. Mucosal lesion. *** آفة بالغشاء المخاطي b.[]

  • Esophageal Candidiasis

    Dysfunctioning Glandular and Organ Symptoms: Adrenal and thyroid gland malfunction Cold hands or feet Diabetes mellitus Hypoglycemia Hypothyroidism Impotence Low body temperature[] Discussion: Down syndrome has been associated with enteric nervous system (ENS) abnormalities including esophageal motility disorders, chronic constipation, and Hirschsprung's[] ), oral steroid use (three), esophageal motility disorders (three), rheumatologic disorders (three), prior antibiotic use (two) and diabetes mellitus (two).[]

  • Drug Eruptions

    Skin Acneform eruption ( 3%) Upper respiratory tract infection ( 3%) Endocrine/Metabolic Hyperglycemia Hypoglycemia Hyponatremia [1] Menstrual irregularities Genitourinary[] Contraindicated in patients with constipation or a history of chronic or severe constipation or sequelae from constipation; intestinal obstruction, stricture, toxic megacolon[] [1] Oral lesions [1] Sialorrhea (1–10%) Stomatitis (1–10%) Tongue disorder (1–10%) Tongue ulceration Ulcerative stomatitis (1–10%) Xerostomia (10–60%) [4] Cardiovascular[]

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