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72 Possible Causes for Constipation, Limping Gait

  • Hemiplegia

    […] dizziness or hypertension : GB-20, LIV-3 For urinary incontinence : UB-23, ("Burning Mountain" technique) For retention of urine or difficult urination : LI-6, SJ-4 For constipation[]

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee

    The most common side effects of Tylenol are nausea, constipation and occasionally drowsiness.[] However, side effects like nausea, dry mouth, fatigue, constipation, and increased sweating may keep some people from taking it.[] Opioids can help relieve severe pain, but can also cause side effects such as drowsiness, nausea and constipation .[]

  • Knee Sprain

    If the pain is more severe, you may be prescribed codeine, which is more powerful but can make some people drowsy and constipated.[] If the pain is more severe, you may be prescribed codeine , which is more powerful but can make some people drowsy and constipated.[]

  • Hypercalcemia

    Here, we report the case of a previously healthy 3-year-old who was admitted to the emergency room with fatigue, hyporeactivity, fever and limping gait that had evolved over[] Symptoms of hypercalcemia include lethargy, mental imbalance, weakness, dehydration, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, and even heart arrhythmia. [ 1 ] When chronic constipation[] […] high level of calcium in the blood Abnormally high level of calcium in the blood; manifestations include fatigability, muscle weakness, depression, anorexia, nausea, and constipation[]

  • Osteomyelitis

    Opioids include: Codeine [KOH-deen] Fentanyl [FEN-tuh-nil] Morphine [MAWR-feen] Oxycodone [ok-see-KOH-dohn] Opioids come with some common side effects, including: Constipation[] Changes in gait (walking pattern that is a painful, yielding a limp) or unwillingness to bear weight in children.[]

  • Sacral Fracture

    The pain was dull in nature, was more severe on the right side, and was progressively increasing in intensity resulting in a limping gait.[] Avoid constipation, because straining to have a bowel movement will increase your pain. Include fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains in your diet each day.[] Caution must be shown with opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, given their propensity to cause constipation, confusion, and bleeding among other side effects[]

  • Calcaneus Fracture

    Over-the-counter laxatives and stool softeners maybe be required to prevent or treat constipation. Your dressing should remain clean and dry.[] gait.[] Fracture or Broken Heel, walking may not be affected to a large extent as the Achilles tendon comes to the rescue and supports the body weight but still the person may have a limping[]

  • Osteosarcoma

    These side effects include: fatigue nausea pain vomiting hair loss constipation diarrhea infections fluid retention anemia (low red blood cell count) The prognosis for osteosarcoma[] Other adverse events (AEs) seen with regorafenib included hypertension in 41.4% (24.1% grade 3), diarrhea in 44.8% (7% grade 3), fatigue in 89.7% (10.3% grade 3), and constipation[]

  • Pyogenic Arthritis of the Sacroiliac Joint

    Because the affected nerves have many functions, the condition may cause diverse problems in the lower body, including back pain, pain or numbness in the legs, constipation[]

  • Septic Arthritis

    Acute Abdominal Pain -- Chapter 76: Acute Back Pain -- Chapter 77: Evaluation of Anemia -- Chapter 78: Bleeding and Coagulopathy -- Chapter 79: Chest Pain -- Chapter 80: Constipation[]

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