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45 Possible Causes for Constipation, Oral Mucosal Disorder, Xerostomia

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    We describe a case of a 62-year-old patient with systemic scleroderma and progressive severe constipation that led to stercoral obstruction and perforation.[] (SSc) is an autoimmune disease that affects connective tissue, resulting in hardening skin, reduced vascular perfusion, gingival fibrosis, enlarged periodontal ligament, xerostomia[] Alternating episodes of constipation and diarrhea are often seen Men may experience erectile dysfunction, whereas women experience decreased lubrication and constriction of[]

  • Stomatitis

    Also there are other kinds of symptoms of a stomatitis such as loss of appetite, foul breath, slight fever, vomiting after meals and constipation.[] Xerostomia was significantly more common and severe in patients (46.9%) than in healthy controls, whereas the saliva flow rates did not differ.[] mucosal disorder.[]

  • Chemotherapy-induced Mucositis

    The adverse reactions reported with these high doses are primarily constipation and bloating, and their incidence is uncommon. 10 Clinical studies of cancer patients with[] The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of low-power laser on the prevention of mucositis, xerostomia and pain as a result of chemotherapy.[] […] that collectively contribute to compromised oral status.[]

  • Oral Candidiasis

    Penis (male genitalia in general) In cases of sistemic candidias, the disease results in bloating, slow digestion, intestinal constipation and diarrhea.[] In patients with T1D and neuropathy, more cases of xerostomia and decreased salivary flow were reported.[] PHIL 1217 lores.jpg 2 961 1 998; 678 KB Thrush2010.JPG 1 644 1 733; 371 KB Estratto da " " Categorie : Candidiasis Oral mucosal pathology Infectious diseases and disorders[]

  • Recurrent Oral Ulceration

    The common side-effects noticed after rebamipide use is gastrointestinal like constipation, [17] bloating, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.[] Three had xerostomia.[] […] recurrence. [1] RAS is one of the most common oral mucosal disorders affecting nonkeratinized mucosa, causing much pain and interference with mastication and speech.[]

  • Radiation Stomatitis

    Narcotics for pain will also cause constipation, and appropriate stool softeners will need to be taken with them.[] Glycerol Spray for Management of Psychotropic Drug-Induced Xerostomia Xerostomia (mouth dryness) often occurs as an unwanted effect of psychotropic drugs.[] • Soft tissue necrosis • Osteoradionecrosis The patient is at risk of developing significant oral sequelae during initial phases of the transplant including oral mucositis[]

  • Sialadenitis

    Constipation, Flatulence Sycosis Swelling Of Submandibular Gland. Miasmatic diagnosis – mixed miasmatic – psora & sycotic .[] Sialadenitis was present in 25 patients and xerostomia in 22 patients.[] The differential diagnosis also should include dehydration, trauma, and scarring secondary to oral mucosal surgical procedures or neoplasm.[]

  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

    […] epidemic with rhinorrhea, dry cough and mild wheezing and she said her health deteriorated progressively, with headache, earache, pain on swallowing, nausea without vomiting, constipation[] Dental complications including dry mouth (xerostomia), inflammation of the gums, and gum disease have been observed due to changes in the quantity and quality of saliva.[] Gastrointestinal Disorders: Vomiting, anorexia, flatulence, constipation, loose stools. Metabolic: Thirst. Psychiatric: Insomnia, nervousness, female sexual dysfunction.[]

  • Agenesis of Lacrimal and Salivary Glands

    Reported adverse effects for glycopyrrolate include constipation (20.4%), vomiting (17.5%), diarrhea (17.5%), pyrexia (14.6%), dry mouth (10.9%), flushing (10.9%), nasal congestion[] Those patients suffer from epiphora, xerostomia and severe dental caries.[] […] variations of oral anatomy and common oral soft tissue lesions; Oral cancer; Oral mucosal disorders; Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs); Orofacial pain syndromes; and Salivary[]

  • Xerostomia

    Significant moistening of oral mucosal membranes and diminished xerostomia are reported during its application and 10 min after its removal. [22] Dental implant-based third-generation[] If you find yourself fatigued and constipated along with symptoms of dry mouth, then the easiest fix may be to drink more water![] Բերնի Չորութիւն idwiki Xerostomia itwiki Xerostomia jawiki 口腔乾燥症 lawiki Xerostomia nlwiki Xerostomie plwiki Kserostomia ptwiki Xerostomia rowiki Xerostomie ruwiki Ксеростомия[]

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